3D Floor Plans

We now can convert any 2D foor plan into a 3D floor plan, complete with the RoomPlanner tool! Just select the 3D FloorPlan Upgrade when you are creating an order. For only $20, you can get a RoomPlanner tool that looks like this below. Plus, you get photorealistic 3D images as you see on this page.  You can render the 3D images and save them as JPEG or PNG files, or there are even more advanced file types like SVG, or Google Sketchup files.  We also add the 3D RoomPlanner to your tour so browsers can engage more, and ultimately become buyers!

Click here for an example tour with the 3D RoomPlanner.

These images show samples of the 3D Photorealistic renderings based on what was placed in the RoomPlanner. Eventually, you will be able to virtually stage a home just by dragging and dropping icons onto the 2D floor plan!

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