New Elegant 2 Page Flyer Template!

We recently launched a new 2 page flyer template that has one large photo on the front and then the floorplans and more photos and text on the back (or if it is a photo tour it had more photos on the left hand side). Just select the template when you go to Edit Flyer, as shown below. Mouse over the color area and click to open the color palette that allows you to pick a color…or even enter a custom color code, so you can match it exactly to your branding.

You can show or hide various things like Price, the QR code or even the tour link. The flyer can also be uploaded or imported into xpressdocs right from your account, or you should be able to upload it to any other printing company to get professionally printed flyers.

To get started just login to your account and go to Manage Tours, then Edit Tour/Edit Flyer. Download a Sample Flyer

New flyer

FPO Server Update

Over the weekend of April 4th we had a network outage due to a switch upgrade that our host provider was performing for their network.  This upgrade was something completely unrelated to the FloorPlanOnline servers or service, yet because our Internet connection runs through our host, our service, as well as many other clients of our host company, was unable to connect to the Internet.  The result was the FloorPlanOnline service was down for Saturday and a good part of Sunday.  This is obviously not good, not expected and very unusual.  In the past several years, any outage has typically lasted only a few minutes or so, and we have maintained an uptime well over 99.95%.

awsWe recognize that having a reliable and stable platform is part of any purchase decision.  Therefore, we have decided to move our hosting environment to Amazon’s AWS service, the same hosting service used by companies like  Netflix, Twitter, Linkedin, Expedia, Pinterest, Dropbox, Comcast and many other large sites.   We are going to make sure these kind of outages WILL not happen again.   Amazon, while not 100% full-proof, typically has outages of a few minutes, if at all, and data is automatically copied across multiple data centers 2 to 4 times.  We can also use their platform to scale to meet demand during peak times.  This should provide customers with a more reliable, faster and more stable user experience.

This is our commitment to you to make sure we do not experience such an outage caused by a network upgrade again.   We will begin the migration the week of April 6th and hope to complete it by the end of the month.

As always, we appreciate your business and understanding as we make the change.

-Kris Cone, CEO FloorPlanOnline

New Search/Filter for Corporate Accounts

We released a new simplified way to either search/filter for accounts on the Manage Tour page, or when you are placing an order.  In the past, there was a long list to select from.  Now, if you are placing orders via a corporate account, just start typing the person’s name (first or last) or their customer ID and the list of filtered agents will appear.  You can then quickly select from the list.

This is an example.  Once the list appears just mouse over the desired name and click.
Agent Search

Search Portals Dominate!

portalsAn interesting article from Inman the other day where the top 3 real estate portals are really dominating the search results. Zillow was at the top with 16.53 percent of real estate traffic.  Then came Trulia with 8.66%.  Rounding out the top 3 was (which  used to be #1) with 7.26%.  But what these numbers do not show is Zillow also powers several other websites, including Yahoo Homes, which is #4.  So you have Zillow with over 64 million monthly visitors to their site and listings. does power MSN Real Estate, so together, they represent about 26 million monthly visits.


YouTube Branding Now Optional

We recently launched intro and exit branding slides for the downloadable/YouTube video.  We heard from some of you that you wanted this to be optional.  We have listened, and you now have the ability to uncheck the box for the branding slides.  If you do not want the branding, or if you want to first download the video file without the branding for use elsewhere…and then add the branding, just uncheck the box, save and we will regenerate the video you can download or that gets posted to YouTube.   Each time you check or uncheck the box, we regenerate the video, so you do have some options to create multiple downloadable files.

We hope you enjoy this FREE enhancement!

youtube branding