Get the Lead with BrandKeeprbrandkeepr

With our BrandKeepr technology, we convert your unbranded tour distributed from your MLS into a branded tour on your website or blog, your company website, and on the major real estate portals (such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and more).

Listing distribution is great, but if your name is not on the listing content, does it really matter…as much?  Well with BrandKeepr, you can now get the lead from potential interested buyers and leverage the millions of users these other sites get every month.  We automatically convert any unbranded tour on selected websites to the branded tour.  Supported sites include Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo Real Estate, Redfin and You can add any website under Edit Profile/Edit My Brandkeepr Profile button.

Companies.  We can help you too.  Maybe you have a centralized lead desk.  Well, now you can capture leads from Zillow, Trulia or other websites and convert those into paid agent referral leads!   Or, maybe you just send the lead back to the listing agent.  Either way, we can guarantee you will get more leads with BrandKeepr.

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