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Custom slideshow videos

We offer two custom slideshow video options shown below for tours already produced.  If you want to create a video for a new listing, just place an order and select the available Custom Slideshow Video option – you also get the Social Media Video as a bonus.  Note: we have not yet added the Social Media Video to the order form so this is the only place to order that option at the moment.  See our FAQ if you are posting the video to Instagram and please allow up to 2 business days for the completion of your video.

Social Media Video - $25

We create a 30-60 second slideshow video formatted for Instagram Posts with a square format at 1080x1080p.  Can also be used as an Instagram Story or a Facebook or Linkedin post.  See the sample below for what to expect.

2+ Minute Video+ Social Bundle - $149

We create an HD-sized 1920x1080p slideshow video that features photos, floor plans and Matterport clips (if applicable). Also includes the Social Media Video and branded/unbranded versions for the tour. Download and use anywhere.  See a Sample

See a Sample Social Media Video

Video drives engagement

create content where people go – on social media, YouTube and other popular video viewing platforms.

% more views on Social Media with video

Billion people use YouTube - 1/3 of Internet

Billion video views on Facebook per day (ok, cats on a roomba are cool)

% of video views are on mobile

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