Virtual Twilight Upgrade with different sky options

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Virtual Twilight Terms of Use.  The virtual twilight upgrade takes ONE day-time photo and simulates a twilight scene using Photoshop.  It is not a replacement for twilight photography with multi-bracketed shots or advanced lighting techniques that will bring in the interior space view.  These examples are representative of the kind of lighting and window views you should expect.  We do try to remove shadows, add lighting effects and adjust window color to simulate twilight photography.  However, if you are expecting to clearly see the inside of the home and have no window reflections, please do not order this option as refunds will not be provided.

Timeline for Delivery. We will deliver your edited photos typically within 1 day or less after your tour has been produced.  In some cases they may be delivered with all other photos, but this can’t be guaranteed.  They will be automatically added to your tour and available for download once complete.

Please email us with your requests or questions as we do have other skies we can select from if you have a special circumstance.  Note: you can also order this option after your order has been produced by emailing customer care or call us at 866-810-3816.

Sky options are available when placing an order – Click to see larger view

Completed Sky with After Sunset Option

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