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The FloorPlanOnline virtual tour platform is being upgraded to include tools for the sale, purchase and living phases of homeownership, so you stay connected to your clients, for life.

Enhanced Platform with HomeDiary Pro. Coming Soon.

The best virtual tour platform is being upgraded to become the best property platform so you can create amazing virtual tour “Stories” for your listings on the sell-side and sponsored “Diaries” for your buy-side and living-side clients that creates a digital closing gift and management tool where you can curate entries, floor plans with 3D Designer and more.  There is nothing else like it, and it leverages the base FloorPlanOnline foundation, and builds upon it to add features throughout the whole ownership lifecycle.

While “FloorPlanOnline” will still be around as a local service provider, the overall platform is being renamed to reflect our overall mission:

To help people manage their homes while keeping the agent connected over the lifecycle

lifecycle of ownership animation

70% of homeowners forget their agents name after the first year

stay remembered with tools & relevant content throughout the lifecycle

image showing the virtual tour parts on various devices

Virtual Tour "Stories"

Create the best virtual tour with big photos, floor plans with clickable photo hotspots, and immersive 3D walkthrough tours to increase demand, and the final sales price, while exclusively showing your brand on sites people use most, like Zillow

Sponsored "Diaries"

Stay remembered on all of your client’s HomeDiary’s with a sponsorship, so you stay connected while your clients manage their home in the most robust home management platform that includes our exclusive 3D Designer, an HGTV-like floor plan visualization tool

Curated Entries

Create a digital “closing gift” with content for your buy-side clients, including upload closing docs,  add a tax-time reminder for the HUD statement, or create “To Do’s” for the top 5 things from the inspection report and tag your recommended Home Pros to help get the job done, all featuring your brand.  Add an updated CMA yearly for your top clients or for those likely movers too!

Mobile App

Homeowners can use our iOS app with any Apple device, or they can access HomeDiary through any desktop or mobile browser, where their info is safe, private, and sync’d to the cloud as their digital back up in case of disaster…all sponsored by you


Get Everything You Need in One platform

Content creation tools for the listing and ways to curate entries for the purchase or living phase to market you, your listing and your business throughout the whole lifecycle of ownership

Features for Real Estate Agents

What You Get – Tours & Digital Closing Gifts

An amazing virtual tour we call a Story, and the industry’s first sponsored digital closing gift, or Diary

image showing the virtual tour parts on various devices

Responsive Themes

2d interactive floor plan

Point & Click 2D Plans

3D Designer + Planner

3D Scan + Walkthrough

Curated Entries

Unlimited Sponsorships

#1 Home Platform with Tours & Closing Gifts

World Class Support

Features for Homeowners

What Your Clients Get – HomeDiary’s Toolbox

Amazing tools to help owners manage their home, while keeping you front and center, so you stay remembered


a logging tool of Who did What, Where, When & for How much


the digital backup in the cloud in case of disaster


a private Pinterest-like tool to save ideas to spaces

3D Spaces

an HGTV-like design & floor planning tool for 3D visualization
Owners can also create Reminders or use our web clipper to save content from any site.  Plus, your curated content entries (like the tax time reminder for the HUD statement) will show up with branding attribution as well.  So each time you add something to someone’s HomeDiary, you keep in front of them via an email notification, content attribution or the overall site sponsorship.

Finally, we have both web and iOS apps for iPhones and iPads with offline mode that sync’s your data across devices.  Android users can use the app via their favorite mobile browser too.  The best part?  You are the default Home Pro and your info is just a call, text or referral away, just like you see here!

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What our Customers say…

As I can attest, FloorPlanOnline with HomeDiary can help you get more business.  

I received a call from a potential buyer who saw one of my listings online.  While the home sold quickly and she was too late, she was so impressed with my marketing presentation, powered by FloorPlanOnline, she not only hired me to sell her high-end home, but I helped her buy her new one, too. That one listing was responsible for an additional $2.5M in sales.

I would not have gotten the new client by providing just photos.  This buyer specifically called me based on my virtual tour presentation. That’s why FloorPlanOnline is my go-to team for creating amazing content for my sellers, as well as a tool & content for new buyers through its HomeDiary integration, which can be a channel of new business too. 

Valerie MacKnight

Broker/Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

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Game Changer.  

That’s what you say when something new comes along and shifts how you do something, and I can honestly say HomeDiary and their 3D Walkthrough Tour is a Game Changer. The photos are amazing, that is the first thing online buyers see, and they leave a lasting impression.  They are backed up with the immersive 3D walkthrough and 2D & 3D floor plan tools that can even get converted into a video to complete the ultimate marketing presentation. 

My first listing with HomeDiary had over 400 social media video views of the 3D WalkThrough Video, much more than I ever had in the past. The results also speak for themselves. Most properties in the immediate area sell for 106% of sales price over list price. My listing sold for 114% over list.  Average days on market for the area is 12 days, this property sold in 36 hours.  

Let me say it again.  Game Changer.

Laurie Jorgensen

REALTOR, Jorensen RE Group, ReeceNichols

The photos, tools and presentations that FloorPlanOnline and their incredible photographers have absolutely helped take our business to the next level this past year.  On more than one occasion we have had listings in close proximity of other similar listings in a neighborhood and each time we have drawn much larger crowds to our open houses and garnered much higher selling prices than the others.  Having FloorPlanOnline tours to show our clients has definitely helped us land listings, sell homes faster & for more money, and been a wonderful keepsake for our sellers after the closing.

Cynthia Harper | Natalie Ward

Brokers, Sotheby's International

I have used FloorPlanOnline for over 10 years now, and they keep getting better. The new Story format showcases the amazing photos, aerials and floor plan content they create and helps make my client’s home, and me, look professional. It also positions the property for a fast sale.

The HomeDiary integration is also cool, so the new buyer can claim the home and get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plan copied into their private HomeDiary, compliments of me! Joel did an amazing job capturing the charm and space of this Mt Baker area Seattle home. Keep up the great work.

Rick Franz

Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

trusted by thousands of agents

Used by

Differentiated throughout the lifecycle

Unique Features you will not find anywhere else

We have the best platform because we built it ourselves, unlike most of the competition that uses someone else’s generic platform.  Unique features:

  • Brandkeepr – keeps your brand on your tour on the top sites like Zillow. This patented feature has helped agents get more leads for free & double ended more transactions too!
  • 3D Designer – convert any source into 2D/3D floor plans with a 3D model, all tied to the home, and usable for all phases of ownership.
  • Claim Home to HomeDiary – the buyer and seller can claim the home right from the virtual tour and they get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plans to use as a management tool or keepsake, respectively
  • Editable slideshow video – enhance it with text explainer slides, video clips/animated logos, floor plan images & even an AI-based voiceover.
  • Curated Entries for HomeDiary – add closing docs, upload the HUD statement for a tax-time reminder or create a To Do list from the inspection report and tag your recommended home pros to help get the job done.  You can even use it to add an updated CMA and get your branding on each content entry…besides the app sponsorship!
  • HomeDiary Sponsorship – invite ALL of your clients. When they sign up via your custom invite link, you are the sponsor (default “Home Pro”) on their home


Choose A Plan That Works For You

Pay per transaction, or go with the office (or enterprise) plan to use as a recruiting and retention tool so every agents gets access to HomeDiary’s basic options for free.  Integration with MoxiWorks available to automate sign-up/sign-in and content creation.

Join Today

Get a free demo tour complete with a sample 3D Walkthrough, branded video and more to use at your next listing appointment – it’s this tour, but with your branding so you can show sellers how you will market their home right at the listing appointment.  Plus, invite all of your clients into HomeDiary, for free, with our lifetime account sponsorship feature.

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