Which HomeDiary package is right for me?

We have several “do it yourself” options to get started creating a Diary, and we will be adding more options and services in the coming months, including full service options, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget about the included Claim Home option from the tour. You can read more on that feature here.

HomeDiary helps to

HomeDiary — Basic

Collaborate over time with relevant content for the home

This is particularly useful for clients in the process of buying a new home as it allows you to add entries to the home’s Timeline over a period of time, and then invite your buyer when you are ready to share the completed Diary as a “digital Closing Gift.” 

  • Upload transaction documents
  • Add “before” photos
  • Create maintenance reminders
  • Add records of recent improvements
  • Add contact info for recommend pros to help get specific tasks done.

Use case: based on the pre-closing inspection, you could set reminders for non-critical issues detailed in the report that should be reviewed in the future, like replacing the hot water heater in 2 years because its useful life has almost been reached.

Set the reminder, and have HomeDiary follow up with a branded notification at the right time that will keep you in front of your client in a smart, relevant and helpful way.

Reminder with recommend home pro.

One small upfront free unlocks the Diary.  Once you unlock the Basic Diary, you can add content over time for no additional cost, so it’s a great way to share a quarterly or annual property value update, hand crafted by you, and stored in the Diary. It’s more relevant than a calendar, and keeps you remembered over time at no additional cost.  It also gives you a valid reason to call your client and ask if they have done any updates that could impact their home’s value.  Show your expertise and beat Zillow at its own game!

Included Bonus – the Basic HomeDiary also includes 3D Designer, our interactive 3D floor plan tool, so the buyer can draw their own floor plans or plan the remodel of just a space.  Keep reading to learn how to get the floor plan created for them as part of an enhanced HomeDiary. 

Enhanced Diary Options

ANY source converted into 3D!

HomeDiary Basic + 2D/3D Floor Plan

Convert ANY source into a floor plan with 3D Designer

Everything in the Basic HomeDiary, plus you get a floor plan / 3D model professionally created by us that is similar to the design tools you see on those home improvement shows on TV. This completely editable “digital twin” of the home is great for:

  • Movie planning (moving box and furniture placement) – see below.
  • Visualizing & planning improvements – add or remove walls, change flooring or wall colors, all virtually
  • Sharing with a contractor or designer
  • Getting the square footage of spaces for flooring or paint estimates
  • Plan & visualize patio and landscaping ideas
  • Much more…
You upload a source file (hand drawn sketch, marketing brochure, archictural plans, marked-up appraiser’s sketch) of the floor plan and we convert it into a scaled 3D plan. Future options will include converting any 3D Tour (e.g., Matterport) as well just by pasting in the link.

HomeDiary Basic + 2D/3D Floor Plan

3D Scan with our iOS app

Create floor plans without a tape or laser measure and clunky coordinate inputs. Just scan the property yourself with our iOS app (iPhone and iPads supported) and upload. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes for an average sized house.  Lidar enabled devices (the “Pro” models) add more accuracy (approximate 95% or better accuracy, but individual results may vary). We will produce your floor plan and 3D model typically in 1-2 business days.


3d floor plan generated from a phone video scan

3D floor plan generated from iOS scan

video scan to floor plan animation

Use case. The sellers have moved out and your clients, the buyers, will be moving into their new home in 7 days.  It’s a perfect time to visit the property to scan the home to get the floor plan, as well as take some before photos to add to their Diary’s Timeline. Maybe you even log the appliances and HVAC system as Inventory items.  Once you have added the floor plans, closing docs, reminders and other To Do’s, share the Diary with your client and they can create a moving guide like you see below to show specific furniture placement and where the moving boxes should go.  They just print, hand to the movers, and they have a hassle free move in experience, compliments of you!

Talk about looking like a hero to your clients.

Why our floor plans are the best

We create an interactive 2D/3D model of the home that is completely editable and can be used for multiple reasons over the course of homeownership.  The other guys give you just an image or PDF of the 2D layout.  How fun is a piece of paper...not very! See what you can do with our plans and give each of your clients, whether it be on the sell or buy side, an HGTV-like floor plan.


3D Interactive FloorPlan

Featured Use Case - FloorPlan Moving Guide

The buyer can use the 3D Designer to virtually stage the home with furniture placement and use the Note tool to indicate what boxes go in what rooms.  Print, hand to the movers, and you have an efficient, hassle free move-in, just like Jackie!

floor plan image as a moving guide

See how HomeDiary helped Jackie move into her new home

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