claim home form

Claim Home from the Story

The Claim Home process is built into our virtual tour, or Story, and it is free. Just click or scroll to the Claim Home section, click, and complete the form.  Both the buyer and seller can claim the home and get the photos and 2D/3D floor plans copied over into their own private HomeDiary account.  It's a great keepsake for the sellar, and an awesome start of home management for the buyer.

Note, through the Claim Home process, you are NOT the sponsor of the person's HomeDiary account, so feel free to communicate with the buy-side agent and offer this up as a service, as there is nothing competitive about the process.

If you want to be the Sponsor, invite your client first into HomeDiary using your personal invite link, and then have them claim the home using the same email and login they used to accept your invite. Visit the Dairies menu item to get access to the HomeDiary Sponsorship button.

If you want to add more content over time to keep an ongoing engagement with your clients, or if you want to create something similar for your buyers or existing clients, try one of our HomeDiary Packages, detailed here.