The difference between HomeDiary Sponsorship & Order a HomeDiary

Both options allow you to sponsor a HomeDiary for any owner — past clients, friends, future clients, or anyone in your Sphere of Influence — however, there are progressive differences in functionality between the two options.

HomeDiary helps to


Manage your home and stay connected

HomeDiary Sponsorship – It’s FREE!

As a Home Pro, this is the most basic level of your involvement in your clients. You simply invite someone (or share your unique invite link), and you are attributed as that person’s Sponsor in the apps – both on the web app and in the iOS app.

This can be useful for inviting a member of your sphere of influence or past clients and customers. You are the sponsor, but you don’t have access to collaborate or add entries on behalf of the Owner.  

If you Order a HomeDiary, you unlock access to collaborate and curate entries (i.e. create content) that will show up as entries in your client’s normally private HomeDiary. Think of it like posting something to someone’s Facebook wall, but only they can see it, and it is super detailed and relevant to their homeownership experience, and your knowledge as a real estate pro.

Click for Sponsor view

Sponsoring is free – just click the button, sync your account and share your invite code with family and friends, and stay top of mind!  Your info is just a call, click or text away.  Get more with Order a HomeDiary.

Order a HomeDiary & Unlock Collaboration

Once unlocked for a small upfront fee, you can put content into your client’s Diary for the life of homeownership.

HomeDiary – Basic  

Collaborate with the Owner & add content to their HomeDiary. This is particularly useful for clients in the process of closing as it allows you to add entries to the home’s Timeline. But, you can also do this for any client.  Here are some example use cases:

  • Upload closing documents, appraisals, inspection reports, etc.
  • Add “before” photos
  • Add project estimates for future improvements
  • Create maintenance reminders
  • Curate a “To Do” list from the inspection report and tag your recommended home pros to help get the job done
  • Add records of recent improvements or concerns with follow-up dates
  • Add a home value report over time – quarterly or annually
  • Create a floor plan – Basic includes free use by the owner of our 3D Designer, our drag & drop furniture and home planner…but see below on how to get a floor plan created for your client.

Use Case – based on the pre-closing inspection, you could set reminders for non-critical items that should be reviewed in the future, like re-inspecting the roof in one year, and add your recommended roofing pro to do that specific task.  Or, maybe the hot water heater has a couple of years left on its useful life – how valuable would your reminder be in 18 months if it could help prevent major water damage 2 years down the road?  

HomeDiary PRO allows you to be a valued and trusted advisor without being too “spammy” or obtrusive.  You can add relevant content in a platform all about the home. It’s up to you how much you want to put into it.  Note, it is a one way street – what a client does in their HomeDiary is Private & Secure. It has been built to comply with Apple’s strict privacy policy.  No one, including us, has a way to see what they are doing.  We think this is what homeowners want given the app is about making their most valued asset, and the possessions within, more valuable and secure over time.  However, we will use high level analytics over time to help jumpstart conversations and touch points, so stay tuned. 

Pricing. Creating a Basic Diary is a paid option, currently a one time $29 fee to unlock the Diary. However, we do have Office Plans where your whole office can get it for free. In effect, the office pays a monthly fee for all agents and that covers HomeDiaries for all clients, so it opens the door to creating Basic HomeDiaries for everyone in your contact database at no cost to each agent.  It can also add free Stories on the listing side, which includes our patented Brandkeepr feature, an editable slideshow video and the Claim Home to HomeDiary feature. The Office Plan is a great way to leverage the slow season and cultivate your sphere by giving them useful content and tools to help them with their homeownership journey.

Contact us for details – just mention you are interested in the HomeDiary Office Subscription plan.

HomeDiary Basic + Floor Plan & 3D Model

Add an HGTV-like 3D space planner & designer to help your client visualize & manage

Everything in HomeDiary Basic, plus you can get a floor plan with 3D Designer created for your homeowner using various input sources. This “digital twin” of the home is great for:

  • Planning the move (show box and furniture placement – see Jackie’s video below).
  • Visualizing and planning improvements – what does that open concept look like?
  • Sharing with a contractor
  • Getting area SQFT for flooring or paint estimates
  • Planning a patio or pool install
  • Mapping out sprinkler placement/coverage or other landscape ideas
  • And much more…

Upload a source file or use our app to quickly scan a home (such as on possession day) and we will convert the source into a 2D/3D floor plan and add it to both your account and your client’s account. Future services will include converting an existing 3D Tour (such as Matterport) or hiring us for full service, where available.

Why our floor plans are the best

We create an interactive 2D/3D model of the home that is completely editable and can be used for multiple reasons over the course of homeownership.  The other guys give you just an image or PDF of the 2D layout.  How fun is a piece of paper...not very! See what you can do with our plans and give each of your clients, whether it be on the sell or buy side, an HGTV-like floor plan.


3D Interactive FloorPlan

Featured Use Case - FloorPlan Moving Guide

The buyer can use the 3D Designer to virtually stage the home with furniture placement and use the Note tool to indicate what boxes go in what rooms.  Print, hand to the movers, and you have an efficient, hassle free move-in, just like Jackie!

floor plan image as a moving guide

See how HomeDiary helped Jackie move into her new home

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