Real Estate Virtual Tours

Professional Photography plus Floor Plans, 3D Walkthroughs & Drone Media to sell Seattle area homes faster & for more money than the market average!

Drone photos & video by FAA Licensed Pilots

Our proprietary photo process bring out color and detail

We capture the essence of each listing

And we add drama with virtual twilight photos and timelapse videos

We capture the outside, from within

We capture the beauty from the ground, and above

We make cloudy skies blue, even from the inside

Our content has been proven to sell listings faster & for more money

Trusted by thousands of agents and over 400,000 homeowners

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The Greater Seattle-Tacoma Leader in Professional Real Estate Photography, Floor Plans & 3D Tours for over 15 years!

See Google Reviews and detailed Testimonies below

The Three Pillars of an Effective Online Marketing Presentation

Professional Photography

Professional real estate photography has been proven by Redfin to increase the sales price by 2.5%.  Don’t settle for anything less.  We use 5 ambient and 2 flash images to create the best high dynamic range (HDR) photo for the money.  We showcase the photos in an HD-size photo gallery with full screen capability.  You also get a completely editable slideshow video that you can enhance with video clips, text explainer slides and any kind of branded content, such as an animated logo, to showcase on the branded tour, as you see in this detailed blog post. And with our patented Brandkeepr feature, the branded tour gets seen on the major sites like Zillow, so your tour becomes an advertising vehicle for not just your listing, but for you!

2D & 3D Floor Plans

Floor plans have been proven by studies to increase the sales price by up to 22%.  Each listing gets its own point & click 2D plan. Unlike the competition, however, our 2D interactive floor plans work on the device people use most, their mobile phone.   Tap a photo icon to see the photo of the space.  And instead of giving you just a jpeg or PDF of the plan, we create a complete 3D model you can edit in real-time, and then showcase it on the tour via our 3D Designer feature, a drag & drop furniture/space planner where browsers can virtually remodel, stage or even plan out landscaping, all right on the virtual tour!  Claim the Home and get this content in HomeDiary, automatically, where the buyer can then use and share with home pros.

3D Walkthroughs

We are a Top 10 Matterport Enterprise Partner because its the best 3D capture technology, by far, and it has been proven to sell homes 20% faster and up to 9% more than the market average.  But we go beyond others by setting up a complete walkthrough of the property, so with the push of Play, online viewers can sit back and be guided through the home in just a few minutes.  This helps reduce click fatigue while still enabling users to manually explore, as desired.  This can even be recorded as a separate marketing video.  It’s the ultimate virtual open house that allows anyone with an Internet connection to make an offer, sight unseen. And they do...

Zillow Buyers Think Floor Plans are Important

The content buyers want, and sellers appreciate, helps you sell properties faster and for more money

View the Zillow Research Report

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FloorPlanOnline is the innovator of the Interactive FloorPlan, not the imitator. 

Zillow is now all in on floor plans.  It only took them 18 years.  Why now?  Because they know buyers want them. 

According to Zillow’s Buyer Research, floor plans were deemed the #1 most important content item by buyers when shopping online – more important than viewing professional photos and almost 2 times as important as watching a video. 

They also get results.  Again according to Zillow, listings with an Interactive Floor Plan (like what we provide) get 79% more saves, 60% more views and sell for 22% more than the market average!

These stats are Zillow is pushing floor plans, but like your listing content, do you really want to give Zillow access to your clients’ floor plans, for them to use for any purpose in the future?

We don’t think so, either…

Unlike the others that just give you an image or PDF of the floor plan, we do a lot more:

1. Each floor plan comes with a “point & click” 2D interactive floor plan that shows the photo in the context of each room. And it works on a mobile phone.

2. Each home comes with 3D Designer, our exclusive drag & drop furniture planner and space designer.

3. The content lives on post sale via our home management platform called HomeDiary, where both the buyer and the seller can claim the home right from the tour and get the photos and 3D floor plans copied into their private HomeDiary account to use as a management tool, or keepsake, respectively.

Learn more on HomeDiary here.

Free Leads with Brandkeepr

Your brand on your Tour on the most popular websites like Zillow


All of this content is put into our single property website we call the Story that keeps your brand on your tour on the top public search websites that people use most, such as Zillow, Realtor.com and Redfin, all while maintaining the unbranded tour on your competitors’ IDX websites to comply with MLS rules.  It’s called Brandkeepr, and we received a patent on this in 2022 from the US Patent Office (11,328,374), so it’s an exclusive feature of FloorPlanOnline via the HomeDiary platform!  You can even configure Brandkeepr to pop the branded tour on your own website, blog or company’s main website, so goodbye to swapping out virtual tour links.  Brandkeepr works to get you seen in more places, leveraging your tour as a free advertising vehicle for you, and even other services you or your company may offer. 

brandkeepr April 2022

Sellers were once Buyers... and they want the same content to sell their home! Read Valerie's Story.

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As I can attest, FloorPlanOnline can help you get more business.  

I received a call from a potential buyer who saw one of my listings online.  While the home sold quickly and she was too late, she was so impressed with my marketing presentation, powered by FloorPlanOnline, she not only hired me to sell her high-end home, but I helped her buy her new one, too. That one tour was directly responsible for an additional $2.5M in sales.

I would not have gotten the new client by providing just photos.  This person specifically called me based on my FloorPlanOnline presentation. That’s why the FloorPlanOnline platform is my go-to team for creating amazing content for my sellers, as well as a tool for new buyers through its HomeDiary integration, which can be a channel of new business too. 

Valerie MacKnight

Broker/Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Brandkeepr was the magic that enabled this additional business for Valerie, and the FloorPlanOnline tour effectively paid for itself for many future years with this additional business generated.

Just uploading photos to the MLS, or using any other virtual tour provider, does not get you this free advertising on sites that get 500 million monthly visits.  So be like Valerie and show potential buyers and sellers how you will market their home using the Story and all the content Buyers want, and Sellers appreciate.

We Craft Visual Stories

Every Home has a Story to Tell.  We do it with Photos, floor plans and 3D walkthroughs to let people explore, virtually.

We Capture the Essence

Our pro photographers can capture the perfect image to help tell your markting story.

We Elevate Your  Listing

Aerial photography and video by licensed FAA drone Pilots, all in the same shoot as your regular virtual tour appointment

Other Services

Aerial Media

FAA licensed pilots shoot photos & videos

Custom Videos

Social Media, Slideshows, Hybrid and Full Motion


Real or Virtual Twilights add drama and beauty.  Pick from 6 different skies to wow your clients. We can even to a timelapse…see below.

Virtual Staging

Help visualize spaces while saving thousands of dollars

Enhance your listing with various upgrades and addons

  • Aerial Videography
  • Hybrid & Premiere Videos
  • Custom Slideshow Videos
  • Matterport Walkthrough Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Aerial Photography & POI
  • Virtual Twilights
  • Twilight Photography
  • Neighborhood Ammenities
  • Architectural Details
  • Virtual Staging
  • Virtual Reconstruction
  • AI-based Video VoiceOvers
  • Custom Brochures
  • Advanced PhotoShop edits

Sample Virtual Timelapse Video

Available for any listing using any photo


Living Rooms

Dining Rooms



Entertaining Spaces


windermere logo  I have used FloorPlanOnline for over 10 years now, and they keep getting better. The new Story format showcases the amazing photos, aerials and floor plan content they create and helps make my client’s home, and me, look professional. It also positions the property for a fast sale.

The HomeDiary integration is also cool, so the new buyer can claim the home and get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plan copied into their private HomeDiary, compliments of me! Joel did an amazing job capturing the charm and space of this Mt Baker area Seattle home. Keep up the great work.

Rick Franz

Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

sotheby's realogics logo

The photos, tools and presentations that FloorPlanOnline and their incredible photographers have absolutely helped take our business to the next level this past year.  On more than one occasion we have had listings in close proximity of other similar listings in a neighborhood and each time we have drawn much larger crowds to our open houses and garnered much higher selling prices than the others.  Having FloorPlanOnline tours to show our clients has definitely helped us land listings, sell homes faster & for more money, and been a wonderful keepsake for our sellers after the closing.

Cynthia Harper | Natalie Ward

Brokers, Sotheby's International

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Game Changer.  

That’s what you say when something new comes along and shifts how you do something, and I can honestly say HomeDiary and their 3D Walkthrough Tour is a Game Changer. The photos are amazing, that is the first thing online buyers see, and they leave a lasting impression.  They are backed up with the immersive 3D walkthrough and 2D & 3D floor plan tools that can even get converted into a video to complete the ultimate marketing presentation. 

My first listing with HomeDiary had over 400 social media video views of the 3D WalkThrough Video, much more than I ever had in the past. The results also speak for themselves. Most properties in the immediate area sell for 106% of sales price over list price. My listing sold for 114% over list.  Average days on market for the area is 12 days, this property sold in 36 hours.  

Let me say it again.  Game Changer.

Laurie Jorgensen

REALTOR, Jorensen RE Group, ReeceNichols

I am not a real estate agent, I am simply looking for a house online (I’m currently stationed overseas).

I just had to tell you that in my opinion your product deserves 5 stars. Reviewing hundreds of listings the past few months has been challenging to say the least but whenever I come across a listing with your product attached – it’s always a more positive experience from a potential buyer’s point of view.

Deborah Alves

Home Buyer

We could not have sold our house without your services. We received many wonderful comments, not only about our home, but also about our/your website, the FloorPlanOnline Tour.  Several potential buyers commented that they felt they had already been in our house by using the floorplan/photo features online.
Doug Good

Home Seller

Used by thousands of agents & over 400,000 homeowners

Affordable Options for Any Budget

Use our Price Calculator to enter a Zip Code and property size to get an approximate price quote for your listing.  Pricing does vary by market, so if you are outside the Seattle area, please use the Price Calculator.

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Your Local FloorPlanOnline® Service Team

FloorPlanOnline is the local service provider, and it uses the HomeDiary PRO platform to deliver Stories & Diaries for you.

Christine Cox

Christine Cox

Lead Photographer | Seattle Market Manager | FAA Licensed small UAV pilot

Christine has been an employee of FloorPlanOnline since 2015, and she has built up the Pacific Northwest market from one person to a team of over 10 photographers. So if you are looking for a reliable team to work with you on every listing, look no further as each person has been trained to shoot using FloorPlanOnline’s proprietary 7 layer shoot process combining 5 ambient and 2 flash images to bring colors to life and window views to the forefront. Each image is hand edited by our Production team to ensure consistency from photographer to photographer. Christine, as well as most of our PNW team, are also licensed FAA small UAV pilots and they all have Matterport capture cameras, so one person and one appointment to bring your listing’s Story to life.

View Profile Page

Backing up Christine is the FloorPlanOnline Team that consists of over 50 people with amazing customer service where you can actually call and talk to a real live person, not some endless phone tree.  Or email customer support and get your issues or questions answered in a timely manner.  Our customer service gets lots of praises, and you will see why when you create your free account.

It’s all augmented with the HomeDiary PRO platform where you can make real-time edits to your photo or slideshow video, brochures and even the 2D/3D floor plans.  Need to change the word study to office?  Click the room, change the text, save and update. Done. The floor plans are updated everywhere, instantly. Or, maybe you want to show a prospective buyer what an open concept might look like – use 3D Designer to split the wall and hide a portion of it to show the space in 2D and 3D, all without picking up a hammer or saw.

Washington Photographers

Joel Highet

Joel Highet


Joel has been with us since 2017. He is a certified Drone Pilot and can do video as well.  Joel services the greater Seattle & Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Jeff Vuong

Jeff Vuong


Jeff has been with us since 2020. He is a certified Drone Pilot and services the greater Seattle/Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Alex Farrell

Alex Farrell


Alex has been with us since 2021, but he has 20 years of experience photographing homes for Real Estate Agents. He is a certified Drone Pilot and services Lewis, Thurston and Pierce counties. 
Jamey Trigg

Jamey Trigg


Jamey has been with us since 2018, after over 10 years with the US Army. He is a certified Drone Pilot and services Whidbey Island, up to Bellingham & down to Arlington.

View Profile Page

Rikki Levine

Rikki Levine


Rikki has been with us since 2020.  She is a certified Drone Pilot and services the greater Seattle/Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Simon Cordova

Simon Cordova


Simon has been with us since 2021.  He is a certified Drone Pilot and has been working in the professional photography industry for over 20 years. He studied at Brooks Institute of Photography, and services the Washington Penninsula, Jefferson and Kitsap counties.

Idren Ames

Idren Ames


Idren has been with us since 2023. He is a certified drone pilot , photographer and videographer, and services the greater Tacoma, Olympia, and south Seattle area.

View Profile Page

Rey Johnson

Rey Johnson


Ray has been with us since 2019. He is a certified Drone Pilot and services the greater Seattle/North Seattle areas.

View Profile Page

Orhun Uygur

Orhun Uygur


Orhun has been with us since 2020. He is a certified Drone Pilot and can do video as well.  Orhun services the greater Seattle/Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Blake Sharkey

Blake Sharkey


Blake has been with us since January of 2022. He is a certified Drone Pilot and has a passion for photography.  Blake services the greater Seattle/Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Kyle Green

Kyle Green


Kyle has been with us since 2019. He is a certified Drone Pilot and can do video as well.  Kyle services the greater Seattle/Eastside areas.

View Profile Page

Elizabeth Podlesnik

Elizabeth Podlesnik


Elizabeth has been with us since 2020. She focuses mainly on ground based real estate photography.  Elizabeth services the greater Seattle/Eastside area.

View Profile Page

Saif Aqbi

Saif Aqbi


Saif (pronounced like “safe”) has been with us since 2022. He is a certified drone pilot , photographer and videographer, and services the Seattle area.

View Profile Page

We provide real estate photography and media services in the following cities within the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Portland areas.  If you do not see your city covered, it is likely we can still service your area with an extended trip charge, so please contact us. Below are some of the cities we service:

Bainbridge Island
Cottage Lake
Gig Harbor
Kirkland - Juanita
Mill Creek
Maple Valley
Mercer Island
North Bend
Port Orchard
Seattle - Downtown
West Seattle
Ballard, University District, Northgate
University Place
Whidbey Island

The HomeDiary PRO Platform

homediary pro

Win. Sell. Be Remembered.

The HomeDiary Platform extends the life of the listing content post sale, and also helps you stay relevant with your clients with our Sponsored Diaries.


The HomeDiary PRO platform combines a virtual tour and home platform into one home management and marketing platform that lets you create public marketing Stories for your listings and private Diaries for your clients, whether they be new buyers or long standing customers.

Introducing the Digital Diary

The HomeDiary PRO platform is not just a virtual tour platform. It’s a platform for the whole home, designed to help keep you relevant throughout the lifecycle of homeownership.

You can create marketing Stories, and now, digital Diaries for all of your clients, whether it be a seller, a brand new buyer, or a client you know is going to build or remodel their home in a few years. The gift of a Diary with our 3D Designer/floor planning tool will pay dividends year in, year out.

Once you unlock a Diary, you get sponsorship of your client’s home for their life of ownership, and you can add content into their home, via our app, at any time. See a cool marble slab for their upcoming kitchen remodel?  Snap a photo, tag it as an Idea in their Kitchen space.  Do the same thing for the other 6 clients you know would love that same slab.  Or create quarterly CMA’s for your top 50 clients and put it inside HomeDiary and store permanently, vs having it ignored in an email.

Ordering a Diary is Easy

Sign Up for the BluePrint News

Sign up for our newsletter and get in the know about cool things happening with the FloorPlanOnline and HomeDiary platform, as well as get periodic discounts on services.

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