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Introducing BrandKeeprTM with Event-based Lead Capture – an AMAZING new technology innovation from the cooks in the FloorPlanOnline Development Kitchen! We feel so confident these new tools are game changers, we have submitted a patent on them. These tools can help you get more leads for your listings on the most popular real estate portals like the Zillow Network (including Yahoo & Frontdoor), Trulia, and Realtor.com, without paying them a dime! These sites represent over 80% of the traffic for the top 10 real estate websites and over 159 million visitors a month! Plus, this same system can be used to get leads on your company website, your personal website or blog, YouTube, Craigslist and even Facebook.

Check out the overview video here to see how to configure your Lead Capture settings.

The patent application covers two features:


1. BrandKeeprTM.  We convert any Unbranded Tour pulled from the MLS to a Branded Tour, where appropriate.  With the BrandKeepr technology, the listing agent contact information is automatically added back to the virtual tour on selected websites where agent branding is allowed.   This is important because many listings are distributed to portals via services such as ListHub, Postlets, or Point2, and the MLS is the main source of the data distributed, including the UNBRANDED virtual tour.  Unbranded = No LEADS.   We fix this by converting that virtual tour to the branded tour automatically.  So regardless of whether you pay Zillow or others money, you now have a chance to capture a lead via that virtual tour link!
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2. Event-based Lead Capture.  We leverage the FloorPlan on the Branded Tour as THE lead Capture tool. [/one_half]

FloorPlans are the #2 requested content item from buyers, right behind BIG photos.  Plus, over 75% of buyers want to see FloorPlans BEFORE visiting the property.  We leverage these key facts by tying an Event-based Lead Capture system to the use of the FloorPlan oriented tools on the tour.  People can see photos anywhere, and in fact, most sites pull the same content (text and SMALL photos) from the same source (the MLS).
The virtual tour with the FloorPlan content is THE DIFFERENTIATOR.  The FloorPlan lives behind a “lead capture wall” that qualifies and filters lead opportunities based on your Lead Capture strength settings.  Now a browser can be converted into a buyer or farmed out to your own referral network!  How many double-ended deals does it take to pay for a whole year of our services for the average agent?  Less than 1 (actually .13).  Enough said. 

The cool thing is the tour is the ONE piece of content that can travel throughout the web and live on any number of different websites, many with a lot more visitors than your site will ever see.  This one system can be used to capture tour activity (via our reporting) and leads, regardless of where a browser viewed that listing – Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, YouTube, your website, your agent’s blog.  Oh, we can track hits and activity from the MLS and competitor sites too – as long as a user hits the virtual tour link (or a page with the content embedded in it), we can track it.

lead value

Plus, your company or personal website can use this same lead capture technology – we highly recommend our embedded content widget to captivate browsers and convert them into buyers.  Embed the tour, or parts of it, on your website, either inline with the other content, or as a pop-over on your page via an easy to place button (that shows the actual floorplan of the property).   Either way, the desirable content is more front and center to engage and capture that browser and get the 50% of users that normally do not click on links.  Plus, it has Lead Capture built-in (so again, that one system can be used throughout the web).
  Click here to see a sample of both versions and watch the video on how it is as easy as copy and paste.  Or just click the floorplan image below. The tool is configurable to show all content, or just parts of it too!   The only place lead capture can’t be engaged is views from the MLS or competitor websites.
As part of this strategy, it is important that the virtual tour get placed on these major portal websites, on your company’s website and the agent’s personal website/blog.  It can be either a text link, a button or the embedded content….but the Tour needs to be the place to go to see that floor plan related content.  It is also very important NOT to include images of the floorplans along with the other property images.  If you do, they will get distributed to Zillow, Trulia and other sites, and once they have the images, it is theirs to keep, per their terms of use.  So if you want the floorplan to be used for lead capture, keep it behind that virtual tour “wall.”

Action items.

For now, you can easily manage your BrandKeepr & Lead Capture settings in your profile. In terms of activating BrandKeepr on different sites – All all you need to do is make sure the virtual tour link is included with your data feeds to these sites.  Most (like 99%) of MLSs out there use ListHub or some other service to push listings to many of these real estate sites.  The virtual tour link can come along with the photo and text data.  So you just need to make sure the feed includes the tour link.  Please contact your technical person for either your MLS or company to ensure it does.   This is really the key because if we pushed listings to the various portals, what we do is trumped by any listing you, your company or MLS might provide. So just make sure the tour link is carried over with these other feeds, and we do the rest! Of course, the IDX rules should be maintained so your competitors’ sites are not added.  

We hope you enjoy this FREE, patent pending enhancement to the FloorPlanOnline Marketing System!

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