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Real Estate photography, 2D/3D floor plans, and 3D walkthroughs to show listings virtually, 24/7

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We’re not your ordinary virtual tour platform.  We help you Win the ListingWin the Sale, and Win the Relationship with content deemed most important by buyers and appreciated by sellers, featuring floor plans, the #1 ranked traditional listing content item per Zillow buyer research (see the research)

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Amazing Pro Photography

We use a proprietary process that combines ambient and flash images into one stunning HDR image to showcase your real estate listings with dynamic images that sell properties for more money, according to Redfin.

You also get a free, editable slideshow video that can be enhanced with video clips, an animated logo, text slides and now, a professional voice over via our VoiceOver Service.


Engaging 2D & 3D FloorPlans

We are the only virtual tour platform with their own floor plan tool that includes real-time editing of the plans & and an HGTV-like 3D design and planning tool that can be used by the agent, buyer and seller throughout all phases of home ownership via our Claim Home to HomeDiary option.

PS. the interactive floor plans work great on mobile too.


Immersive 3D Walkthroughs

We leverage Matterport to create automated 3D Walkthroughs that expands the buyer base and “showability” of your listing, and we also use it to create accurate 2D & 3D floor plans that includes our 3D Designer tool. Other content includes the dollhouse, floor plan and VR Views. Online engagement tools like the measurement tool allow users to get dimensions for any space or feature or to spend hours exploring your listing.

What makes us unique?

Real-time Editing

Real-time edit tools for the video, brochure and even the 2D/3D floor plans. Provide more than just a floor plan image with our 3D Designer. We are the ONLY tour platform with their own 3D floor plan tool tied to all phases of ownership, usable by you, the seller and the buyer with our HomeDiary sponsorship integration.


Your brand on top websites with our patent-pending feature gets you more leads and business on the websites people actually visit most, like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and more.  See our success story and why our exclusive feature can get you more business from people online. 


The content lives on for the buyer and seller, and it can be sponsored by you, for free. HomeDiary is our exclusive home management platform that also includes our 3D Designer, and it keeps you remembered over the lifecycle of ownership. It can also be used for ALL of your clients.  Learn more about HomeDiary

Hold a Virtual Open House

Win the Listing

You need to differentiate at the listing appointment to make a good impression.  88% of Sellers say they want to work with an agent that offers 3D tours and content, because 99% say it makes their home more competitive.  That’s why 82% of sellers would switch agents to those that offer 3D tours. Our free account tools help you make an impression and win that listing.  Each free account includes:

  • a demo tour with your branding & an active Matterport
  • editable listing presentation template
  • free HomeDiary Sponsorship for all of your clients

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Brandkeepr – Your Brand on Your Tour

Once you have the listing, Brandkeepr, our patent-pending feature, keeps your brand on your virtual tour on websites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and even your own personal or company website, so you get more people to see you, which gives you free leads on the sites people visit most.   Just uploading photos to the MLS does not give you this free advertising opportunity for you, which has been proven to get new clients for our customers.

See Testimonies and how one tour made an additional $2.5 million in home sales!

Win the Sale

Supply vs Demand.  The more buyers that see your listing, the higher the demand and the higher the potential sales price. The problem today is limitations on the number of people that can do a physical property visit of your listing.  With our 3D Walkthrough Tour, virtual showings can happen 24/7.  Research shows this fits squarely with what buyers want:

  • 55% of buyers are leery of visiting your listings due to covid
  • 84% of buyers deem floor plans online as important
  • 55% of all buyers would by sight unseen IF the listing had 3D content online
  • 64% of Millennials would buy sight unseen, so the younger they are, the more apt they are to rely on technology!

All of this increases your potential buyer base, increases demand, reduces the time to sell 20% and increases the final sales price by up to 9%, per 3rd party research!

Win the Relationship with HomeDiary

The listing content lives on with HomeDiary, our connected homeowner platform. Each virtual tour includes a Claim Home option and your account includes a connection to HomeDiary for client sponsorship. It’s free for them, and free for you. And it helps you stay remembered in several ways:

  • A Keepsake for Sellers.  Just invite your seller to HomeDiary with your personal invite link, then when they Claim the Home, you become their sponsor, and they get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plans of their old house, and they can also use HomeDiary on their new house.
  • A Management Tool for Buyers. A buyer can Claim the Home from the tour and they also get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plan tools put into their private and secure HomeDiary account.  You get content attribution, but you are not the official sponsor – if you invite them first with your invite code (because you are working with them on the buyside), then you can be the official sponsor.
  • A Home Platform for All Clients.  Each FloorPlanOnline account comes with an integration to HomeDiary.  Just sync your profile and use your personal invite code to email clients, or even post it to social media and boost the post (buy an ad) to get new clients in your market area (per our tests, the CAC is less than $3/sponsored user). When people sign up, you become their sponsor in a relevant, home-related platform.  Future services will include the ability to hire us for floor plans and 3D property scans for planning, remodeling or insurance purposes on the buy or living side of the spectrum.

Affordable Pricing | Premium Quality

We have the most robust virtual tour platform, hands down.  National pricing shown.
Check Service Options & Get a local Price Quote for your area or Contact us for a custom Brokerage deal.

Contact us to get a detailed price quote for your listing based on the size and location. You can also see other upgrades and available options for your area.

Upgrades & Add-ons

We include a lot of things in the base price of the tour vs others that tend to nickel and dime you – for brochures, a slideshow video, blue skies or even a tour.  We think a tour is highly important because it can be used as an advertising vehicle not just for your listing, but for you with Brandkeepr.   Our full service tours also include blue skies for your hero photo, TV black outs (or images), fire in fireplaces, etc…and you can always enhance images with production services for as low as $10 a photo.

We can also add aerial photos and video created by licensed FAA pilots (a requirement for real estate listings), twilight shoots and video services.  One appointment, one person to create all the content needed to sell your listing faster and for more money.

We can also enhance the content with these tour enhancements:

Interested in Self Service?
You can also mix and match services – use your photos (or your favorite photographer’s) and our platform and production service to create or convert a floor plan source and get the same end product, just at a lower price.  Self service options start at just $29 a tour and we can convert ANY floor plan source (Matterport, hand drawn sketch, architectural plans or a marketing brochure) into an editable 2D/3D floor plan, with autocad export and high res 3D renders coming in 2021.

Free Account Features

Sign-up is free, no credit card is required. Each account comes with these features you will not find anywhere else

  • Demo Tour – all the content featured on our 3D Walkthrough Demo Tour, just with your branding.  Load it on your iPad at your listing appointment to show prospective sellers HOW you will market their home.
  • Listing Presentation Templateuse our template and customize for your business to communicate WHY you will create the content featured in your demo tour, and HOW you will sell their home for top dollar.  It’s an editable Google Slide deck you can export to PDF or PowerPoint, or share electronically with your sellers.
  • HomeDiary Sponsorship – HomeDiary is our homeowner platform tied into our tours. Via Claim Home, buyers and sellers can get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plan tools copied into their own private HomeDiary account to use as a management tool or keepsake, respectively.  Invite your buyers and sellers, and all of your past clients, and you become the sponsor on their accounts for their old and new homes.  You can read more on HomeDiary here.
  • Amazing Customer Care – have a question or need help?  Just call us or create a support ticket and we will get the job done.

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What our Customers say...

As I can attest, FloorPlanOnline with HomeDiary can help you get more business.  

I received a call from a potential buyer who saw one of my listings online.  While the home sold quickly and she was too late, she was so impressed with my marketing presentation, powered by FloorPlanOnline, she not only hired me to sell her high-end home, but I helped her buy her new one, too. That one listing was responsible for an additional $2.5M in sales.

I would not have gotten the new client by providing just photos.  This buyer specifically called me based on my virtual tour presentation. That’s why FloorPlanOnline is my go-to team for creating amazing content for my sellers, as well as a tool & content for new buyers through its HomeDiary integration, which can be a channel of new business too. 

Valerie MacKnight

Broker/Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

The photos, tools and presentations that FloorPlanOnline and their incredible photographers have absolutely helped take our business to the next level this past year.  On more than one occasion we have had listings in close proximity of other similar listings in a neighborhood and each time we have drawn much larger crowds to our open houses and garnered much higher selling prices than the others.  Having FloorPlanOnline tours to show our clients has definitely helped us land listings, sell homes faster & for more money, and been a wonderful keepsake for our sellers after the closing.

Cynthia Harper | Natalie Ward

Brokers, Sotheby's International

I have used FloorPlanOnline for over 10 years now, and they keep getting better. The new Story format showcases the amazing photos, aerials and floor plan content they create and helps make my client’s home, and me, look professional. It also positions the property for a fast sale.

The HomeDiary integration is also cool, so the new buyer can claim the home and get a copy of the photos and 2D/3D floor plan copied into their private HomeDiary, compliments of me! Joel did an amazing job capturing the charm and space of this Mt Baker area Seattle home. Keep up the great work.

Rick Franz

Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

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