Check out some of our account and tour features that have been proven to help you get more listings and sell them faster, and for more money!

Free Tools to get listings & stay connected

Sign up and get a free sample tour immediately, complete with an active Matterport 3D Walkthrough so you can SHOW your prospective sellers how you will market their home.  It looks just like this Demo Tour, but with your branding.  

Note – you can embed it on your own website to show a fully functioning example of how you will market homes.  Explore the tour on this page or click the button to see it in full screen. 


Best Tour Platform. Period.

Sure, others might be able to give you an image of a floor plan…but how fun is that?  We create a complete 3D model of your listing that can be edited by you, and the buyer and seller get a copy too with our Claim Home to HomeDiary! Plus, everything else is editable, including the Slideshow Video, flyers and floor plans.  No one has these real-time edit tools, because frankly most of our competitors don’t even control their own platform – they use someone else.

Editing & content tools include:

  • editable floor plans for 2D and 3D views.  Easily copy a floor and virtually stage it to use as a “what if” tool to show what that open concept might look like (great for virtual open houses)
  • editable slideshow video that supports video clips (like an animated logo or drone shot), text explainer slides with emojis, floor plans sync’d to the live floor plan, customizable transitions and music, and text captions and descriptions.
  • Companion YouTube video uploaded to your channel and taken down automatically when you mark the home as Pending or Sold (necessary for privacy purposes)
  • editable 1 and 2 page brochures with floor plan images built in, or upload your own custom brochure to the branded tour
  • Add tour documents – disclosures, purchase contract, or whatever you want to add in Word or PDF form
  • One click posting to social media
  • Download content – photos, floor plans, videos, call2action image, brochures
  • Unbranded tour for MLS/IDX sites, branded tour for everywhere else, including sites like Zillow with Brandkeepr

Amazing Features

Designed to make your listing, and you, the hero, featuring content buyers want to create more interest and demand in your listings


Photo/Video Editor

Position photos in order, change transitions, add text descriptions or a text explainer slide with an emoji to build a cool Slideshow Video.  Even upload an animated logo or video clips and pick a song to communicate the essence of the your listing. Add the floor plans by checking a box and then hit Create Video and its updated within minutes, added to the tour automatically and available for download to social media or your own use. It can even be added to YouTube automatically.

Map Editor

We use Google maps, which now costs money, because it is the best.  Street view, map or satellite views available.  If the address is off from the map, simply reposition the market, save and you just updated your map.


3D Walkthrough, by Matterport

We have partnered with the best 3D property scan tool out there because it can do some much. We leverage it for accurate (98-99.5%) floor plans, the automated 3D virtual walkthrough and other media to help you provide a virtual open house, 24/7.  Matterport has been proven to sell properties faster and for more money than the market average and it can help you get listings too.

Editable Brochures

Pick from 1 or 2 page flyers and brochures to show not only photos but the floor plans as well.  Add text, change colors to create a custom listing brochure you can print.  It’s all free and under your editing control.

Patented Brandkeepr

Your brand on your virtual tour on the top sites people use most, such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, Homes.com and more.  Our patented Brandkeepr feature US Patent 11,328,374  exclusively leverages your tour as a free lead capture machine.  Plus you control where it is enacted.  Pretty cool, available for free.

FloorPlan Editor & 3D Designer

Use our tool to make edits or enhancements like changing a room name, adding furniture, changing wall colors or flooring, or even add landscaping details. The floor plan is automatically sync’d to the Slideshow Video, 2D FloorPlan with photo hotspots, flyer and printable plans, and all under your editing control. Users can experiment right on the tour, and when they buy it, get a copy of the floor plan put into their own private HomeDiary account. 


Each tour and account includes integration with HomeDiary, where our same 3D floor plan tool can be used by your connected homeowners, all sponsored by you. Learn more about HomeDiary.

Content Management

Comprehensive order and tour management system getting upgraded in 2021 to add in buy or living side options too.  Can you say closing gift for a new buyer?

Listing Tools

Get the listing with our listing presentation template, or show your Demo Tour on your iPad.  You will get the listing, every time. See our Marketing Downloads.

Customer Support

We are not afraid to provide great customer support.  Yes, we have a more complex product, but it is worth it.  We are here to help with questions and issues.  Call, Submit a ticket, or Chat.


Marketing Center

Get access to your branded and unbranded virtual tour links, your Matterport links, download photos, floor plans or videos, your brochure and even our exclusive Call2Action photo, all under the Marketing Center.

Data Analytics

Tour Reporting shows hits and referring site information for your tour.  Set it up to email your clients. You can even see what content is popular on your tour/

Online Ordering

Select from a popular tour package (Photo Tour, FloorPlan Tour or 3D Walkthrough Tour) or mix and match to use your photos, or your floor plan source file, and hire us for the other component.  Or, you can do a completely self service tour too.  New coming in 2021 – create content on the buy side for the ultimate digital closing gift, sponsored by you.

"FloorPlanOnline can help you get more business. I received a call from a potential buyer who saw one of my listings online. While the home sold quickly and she was too late, she was so impressed with my marketing presentation, she not only hired me to sell her high-end home, but I helped her buy her new one, too. That one listing was responsible for an additional $2.5M in sales. Just using photos on the MLS would not have gotten me this incremental business."

– Valerie MacKnight, Windermere Real Estate

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