Are you a brokerage, mortgage company, title company, home improvement company or other business that would like to sponsor tours for your agents or customers?  We have a program for you.

sample tour

With the FloorPlanOnline Sponsorship program, you can create sponsor codes and provide them to your agents or customers.  You can sponsor a percentage or a dollar amount of each tour.  The Sponsorship tool allows you to create one-time or multi-use codes as well.  You get billed for your ratable share of the tour at the the time the tour is produced.

Fine Homes programs – many of the top brands are using our sponsorship process to sponsor tours that are part of a fine homes program.  With the use of the sponsor code, the billing for the tour is directed back to the company, not the agent.  So, you are in control of when you sponsor a tour.   Other charges, such as upgrades, are billed to the agent’s credit card directly.

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