FloorPlan Drawing Pad

Do it yourself and save some money!

We are strong believers EVERY listing should have a floor plan, regardless of the listing price.  After all, buyers want to see floor plans and for them, it is one of the most expensive purchase decisions they will make, regardless of the price.  Plus, photos show how other people live in a home.  The floor plan shows the layout and how THEY can live in the home.  To help, we have several low cost ways to add floor plans to your tours.

  • Subscribers get 3 self-service options:

1. Upload usable jpeg images of your plans and build an Interactive FloorPlan Tour in minutes without any of our help. This option is FREE…but it does not include the RoomPlanner tool.

2. Use our FloorPlan Drawing tool to draw floor plans, generate photo-realistic 3D images (great for Open House eye candy) and get the RoomPlanner in 3D. It is just $10 a listing.

3. Upload plan draft sketches, and we will clean them up!  Just $30 per listing.

  • Pay Per Tour users – just upload a draft sketch of the property (architectural plans, blue prints, appraiser’s sketch, builder’s marketing brochure or your own hand drawn sketch) and we will clean it up and make it look pretty. The clean-up is part of our base Pay Per Tour Fee – currently starting at $59.

View a Help Video or Read more on how to Do-It-Yourself and save some money!

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Sketch Pad for Self ServiceDownload the Drawing Pad,

The FloorPlan Drawing Pad can use used as a field tool to capture the rough draft of your property’s layout.  We suggest you draw each level on a separate sheet and scale each floor appropriately and consistently.  When you are done, just scan it and save it as a jpeg, or take a digital photo of it from 90 degrees, and upload it as your sketch.

To really make it easy, read more on the Appraiser’s Sketch tab!

Write your info, your tour/order ID and other information on the sketch, and then scan it and upload the file directly to your order by going to Manage Tours, then click the link under Tour Upgrades and select FloorPlan Clean-up.  You can also fax the sketch to us at 206-299-2996.   We will review and process the sketch within 1-2 business days.  If you are drawing the plan and want to use the sketch as a background image, scan and save each level separately as a jpeg image.  Then when you are in the drawing tool, use the selector on the far right under Construction to upload the background sketch.

Use the Appraiser’s Sketch.  Most people have a mortgage, and likely have gotten an appraisal in the past…a great way to do-it-yourself  is make a copy of that sketch in the appraisal, draw in the interior walls by hand, then scan/take a photo and use as that as the source floor plan image.  The appraiser’s sketch should have the outside measurements identified, so you can scale the plan using one of the identified measurements and use our drawing tool to draw the outside quickly and accurately.  Then just fill in the interior details.  You can use the text tool to add in room measurements, add flooring and furniture, and soon you will have an amazing floorplan and virtual tour that will bring you leads and sell your listings!scan0022
Blue-print-2Use Blue Prints/Architectural Plans. If you have blue prints, architectural plans or other types of detailed drawings, we can certainly work with those too!  If you have the plans in electronic version (a PDF, a DWG/CAD file, or jpeg image), just upload the source file to use as part of your tour order, and we will clean up the files into a nice, presentable floor plan for online and offline marketing.  Note, we will typically redraw all files as importing often messes things up.  If you just have paper copies, the easiest way to get them to us is put them on the floor and take a digital photo of each level from 90 degrees.  Just make sure you have good lighting and the image you get is clear and legible.  We will clean it up!  No need to take them to a printer to get them reduced.   This is a quick and easy way to get us the source file.



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