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We provide a FREE website platform at www.HomeDiary.com as well as an iOS app for iPhones/iPads for Homeowners that allows them to Dream, Manage & Do more with their home and spaces in both 2D and cool 3D, just like those HGTV shows!

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If you already have a FloorPlanOnline account, simply select the HomeDiary Sponsorship link from the Main Menu to sync your profile into HomeDiary.  Because it is a separate website, when you try to login to HomeDiary, just select Forgot Password to get a link to set up a new password.  That way you can use HomeDiary for your own home in addition to be a sponsor on all of your clients’ homes. You can also create an account directly at HomeDiary.com, just select your profile to add your home pro details.
A poorly maintained home loses 10% of its value over time.

According to the


 A properly maintained home increases its value 1% a year!
NAR REach Class member
The combined FloorPlanOnline/HomeDiary Platform was so intriguing to the National Association of Realtors, they selected us to be part of their REach class in 2016! 
At a base level, HomeDiary will always be free for all users.  Our goal – help homeowners and Realtors document the important things to properly manage a home and increase its value when it is time to sell! So plan in 3D or document the important things you do in and around your home. It’s Free!  Future paid options coming soon, including onsite floor plan creation services for homeowners or Pros.

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76% of homeowners don’t use the same agent on their next transaction…because they forgot who they were!

Keep in front of your Sphere so they remember you instead of your competition!

HomeDiary is a great way to keep in touch with your client base for years to come in a contextually relevant way, and it does not cost you anything!  Just sign up and edit your profile to add your business details. Then use our invite code to email to your clients, or even paste on Facebook!

Our amazing 3D Space Planner lets Buyers Drag & Drop Furniture, change wall colors or flooring type or even add or remove walls to see what that open concept might look like!

More Details & Screen Shots

 How Does It Work for Realtors?

First, you can invite your whole client base, for free. We charge nothing to be a basic HomeDiary sponsor. We make money on the FloorPlanOnline side via our For Sale virtual tour service, and we will be adding options to purchase HomeDiary “Stories” for Listing purposes as well as for Closing Gifts.  A Story will include a floor plan of the home and a log of other information.

Second, as a paid FloorPlanOnline customer, buyers are able to Claim the Home via the tour. When they do, an email will be sent to you as the listing agent to approve the request. Both the buyer and the seller can claim the home. Its a management tool for the buyer and a keepsake for the seller.  They both get a copy of the photos and floor plan tools added to the private and secure HomeDiary account! Therefore, that great content you created on the “For Sale” side can be reused by the new buyer on the “For Living” side, compliments of you!

Note – you are not automatically the sponsor on the HomeDiary through the Claim Home process, but you do get some content attribution on the floor plan content added.  If you want to be the official sponsor, make sure you invite people to HomeDiary first using your personal invite code – just look in your FloorPlanOnline account on the Main menu, or see this FAQ on how to do it. 

Third, you get your own HomeDiary, so you can manage your own home!  After you sync your profile just create a password (which is a separate site from FloorPlanOnline) to access your own HomeDiary account. 

The Future. We have some exciting plans to leverage HomeDiary on the buy side, so stay tuned!  

How Does It Work For The Homeowner?

When a homeowner signs-up via the invitation link you send, your branding gets added to their HomeDiary online account and our iOS app, and they get access to our tools, such as our 3D Space Planner, where they can draw a room layout with just a few clicks, decorate it with furniture, fixtures and colors, and then see it in 3D. If a floor plan was created for a tour, the new buyer will also be able to claim the home and get a copy of the floor plan, complete with our drag and drop 3D Space Planner!

HomeDiary has other tools to quickly and easily document home Inventory just by using a mobile phone, add home improvement activities into the Timeline, and save Ideas from sites like Houzz or Pinterest using our web clipper, or use your phone while shopping to snap photos of products or ideas. It’s really is like combining HGTV floor plan tools with Facebook and Pinterest, all in secure and private site, dedicated to the home!

Check out the images in the gallery to see some of the great content a user can create with HomeDiary!

Yes, it is completely free!

At a basic level, HomeDiary will always be free to use, including our 3D Space Planner, Timeline, Inventory and Ideas. Our goal is to grow the base as quickly as possible.  We are working on adding some paid options to create HomeDiary Stories that will include onsite floor plan creation and other data logging. So stay tuned!.

For now, anyone can get started documenting their home, so they have a living record of the Who Did What, Where, When and for How Much!  It is a great record in case disaster strikes.

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