Tabbed Tour for iPad

Clean. Completely Redesigned.  Cool. 


 Introducing the new Tabbed Tour Viewer for iPad, exclusively from FloorPlanOnline.  Now you can touch your way through the floor plan, see photos or videos and get more detailed information, all in your hand, and on the go.  Oh, it also works onany other tablet device, and can now be used as your default tour viewer for any computer!




So clean, it’s pretty. 

Completely re-written for the iPad, our copyrighted Tabbed Tour design features the content buyers really want to see – FloorPlans!  Just point and click your way around the floor plan with ease, just like the regular PC experience.  Plus, any iPad user can get access to property Photos, the Video, Details, Maps, and of course, a way to contact the listing agent via the built-in lead capture form.  You can even print the property flyer with mobile connected printers!










Designed for how you work.

The Tabbed Tour is also optimized for the screen orientation.  Hold your iPad in landscape mode, and the content tabs are on top and the content layout is optimized for that view. Rotate the iPad to portrait mode, and the tabs move to the side and content shifts to show an optimized view for the portrait orientation.  We believe it is the most advanced and useful tour viewer for the iPad. Period.






Have an Apple TV?  See it on the Big Screen. 

If you have an Apple TV device, you can even show the whole tour on your TV with Apple’s iPad Mirroring capability.  How cool is that?  If you don’t know about Apple TV, it is a $99 device that allows you to stream movies from your iPad or the iTunes store.   Plus with the iPad mirroring functionality, you can show exactly what’s on your iPad to any connected TV.  Click here to read more about mirroring on the Apple site.  It has built in WiFi so connecting to your home or office network is a breeze. 

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Tips for making a great iPad Tour.  In order to make the iPad tour look its best, we suggest you add a marketing description, complete the property details, and add features.   We have a details tab that really showcases the property details.  We even include the PDF of your flyer and printable floor plans.   For older tours, video might not be viewable on your iPad tour due to a different format needed to display the video on the iPad.  This can easily be added by just going into your account to the Manage Tour page, then click Edit Tour, then Edit Photos/Video.  Hit Save and Close, and your video will get processed by our video server.  We have already recreated over 1000 videos for tours going back to the end of October.   So if your tour does not have a Video tab on the tour, just go in and edit it, or email us and we can re-queue all of your videos.  One other point.  There is no RoomPlanner tab on the iPad.  This tool is built using flash, and there is a lot of development work to port it over to the iPad….so until that happens (or flash comes to the iPad (likely never)),  the RoomPlanner will not be on the iPad version.

This enhancement is included at no additional cost for any active tour.   Try it – just go to on your iPad.  Note…this tour also works on any computer.   There are a few tweaks we want to do, but eventually, it can also be your default tour template for the PC as well.  Click here to see the PC version on your laptop or desktop.