Full Service

With the Full Service option, an authorized FloorPlanOnline representative (“Service Provider”) visits the property, takes photos and draws the floor plan for you. Our production department then produces the tour…all you need to do is approve (and edit if you want) the tour.   It is a complete “turn-key” service they can be very hands-off for you.  You still have the opportunity to preview and edit your tour at any time, even after you publish your tour.  All changes you make are immediate and reflected on the tour website, except for changes to the floorplan, which do require our Production department to revise the source file.  Just Approve & Publish to link the tour to different websites like Realtor.com, your MLS (select automated linking available), YouTube, and more.  Once you have the link, you can put it anywhere.

Partial Service too. If you have an existing floor plan sketch (such as architectural plans, builder marketing brochure, etc), we can use those documents as the source file to redraw for you, and you can save some money.  Just upload a PDF or jpeg image of it (you can just take a digital photo of it from a 90 degree angle and upload that image). Likewise, if you want to take your own photos or use your own photographer, we can just do the floor plan for you.

Partial Service is a great option if we do not have full service coverage in your area, but since we can create floorplans for you online throughout most of the United States with our FloorPlan Creation Services, we probably have you covered.  Click to see our coverage area.  Once you register with us, we will tell you if we have Full or Partial service in your area, and when you select Create Tour, the available options will be presented based on the property location and tour type selected.

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