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It’s no secret that print advertising is being eclipsed by Internet advertising, and for good reason..It’s simply more effective and less expensive! Not to mention newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. Not only is it the Internet the preferred method where buyers look for homes, but it’s also where they look for agents. Unlike print, Internet advertising is not a one time expense. It’s an investment which can be leveraged to get more listings, attract more buyers, and sell homes faster.

With the FloorPlanOnline Marketing System, we can GET you More Listings and Make you More Money. Here’s some ways how.

1. Get the listing every time. The more listings you have, the more you make. Our agents that showcase the FloorPlanOnline system at listing appointments typically walk away with the listing, in many cases, 100% of the time! You can use this generic listing presentation and download to your computer as a PowerPoint (ppt) file, or make a copy (File, Save as) and edit it and print it out as a PDF file. Click here to download this template.  Click here to email us for a customized listing presentation template.

2. Register and use the Demo House as a tool at your nest listing appointment – after all – if all the buyers are online, shouldn’t you show your sellers you are too?

3. Consider using a “Menu of Services” approach to help you manage commission erosion (i.e., show your 3 levels of commission with what services the seller gets for each level, with the FPO presentation being at the highest level!! It works!)

4. Utilize “See Interactive FloorPlan” in all your marketing venues. We know from experience that people are intrigued by this term and that your use of this term throughout all your advertising and marketing will help drive traffic to your websites. Then, once you’ve got them there, the FloorPlanOnline concept will keep them there longer. And, isn’t it your experience that, “The longer they are there (whether physically or virtually), the more comfortable they become with the notion that this might be the right property for them!

5. Email the Tour – Use the Email Tour feature to send the unbranded tour to a database of showing agents whom you want to see your listings. Have the seller send the branded version to their sphere of influence asking them to help sell their home by forwarding it to anyone they feel might be interested in seeing their home. And, send the branded version to the buyer after the closing congratulating them on their purchase and suggesting that they forward it to all their acquaintances so they can also share in the joy they are experiencing. Each tour has an email tour button. Click it and copy and paste your email addresses into the “To:” field on the form.

6. Flyer Creation and Printing. Our Enhanced Flyer Templates allow you to add a creative touch to simply and quickly create stunning property flyers. Print them yourself or use an online printer.

7. Neighborhood “guerilla” marketing. Use the Offline Tour and burn copies of the tour to CDs. Distribute it to neighbors of the seller (or have the seller do this). Also, give extra copies to the seller to distribute to at least 25 people they know. Chances are they may have friends that want to move right in! You can even create a self promotion tour and use that for mailbox campaigns.

8. Buy a Vanity Domain Name & Sign Rider. Create a truly custom website for the property with the tour link as the property address. For example, goes to a virtual tour! With the street address as the name of the tour, it will also be easier to find via search engines. Add a sign rider so drive-by buyers can get right to the tour content using their mobile devices! Just go to Manage Orders, then click the view link under Tour Upgrades to buy a Vanity Domain and sign riders.

9. Be the local expert. Create a Basic (do it yourself) area tour and add it to your listings under the More Info section on each order from. You can also put separate links to your areas tours on your website. Whether you create a simple photo tour or a more detailed Interactive FloorPlan tour with a plat map, subdivision map or area map, it is a great way to showcase an area. Add a vanity domain to make it really pop! Like Get your chamber of commerce to use it for their business too!

10. Feature Your Listings. Each account comes with a Featured Listing Page that has all of your approved tours on them. Add this page to your website and email tagline (like Click here for my current listings). You can even buy a vanity domain, such as, to make your Featured Listing page a mini website of you! Just go Manage Orders, then click the “view” link under Marketing Materials for your featured listing page button.

11. Open House Tools. Bring your laptop to the Open House and have the tour playing. Print off Flyers and FloorPlans and burn the tours to CDs for those that visit the property. They make great handouts, it is inexpensive marketing for you and will make a very positive impression on everyone. Remember – the Internet, referrals, yard signs and open houses are the primary means for getting new clients!

Bonus Tip…Closing Gifts. Give a lasting memory to the buyer and seller by burning the tour to a CD. Oh, it also gets your name and number in front of them…

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