Getting Started is Easy!

1. Create an account                     2. Choose a service plan                    3. Create an order!

Step 1: Basic Information

The first step in creating a Floorplan account is to register by entering in your basic information. 

Account/Contact Information

  • Make sure to fill in all the required fields
  • Any information that has a check mark next to it can be seen by others. You can uncheck certain fields you don’t want others to see.

Step 2: Full or Self Service

Choose whether you want full or self service.

Full Service vs Self Service

Subscription Tour

Subscription Tour

Annual Plan: $299.99/yr
Monthly Plan: $29.99/mo

Save $60 with a yearly subscription!

Pay Per Tour

Pay Per Tour

$35.00 /per photo tour
$69.00 /per floorplan + photo tour

Step 3: Creating an Order

Create a Tour

Create a Tour/Create an Order

  • Whether you are Full or Self Service you have to first Create a Tour on your FloorPlanOnline account.
  • If you don’t have the MLS number at the time you are creating the tour just put the street address. You can update the MLS number later.

Select Tour Type

  • Interactive FloorPlan Tour
    • Photos + FloorPlan
  • Interactive Photo Tour
    • Photos
  • FloorPlan (not a tour)
    • FloorPlan
Select Service Type

After this step it will ask you to chose a Service Provider and fill in extra details and information about the listing which you can choose to do at a later time. 

Select Service Type

Full Service

  • Our Authorized Service Provider completes the floor plan and take the photos for you. Generally, we will provide a photos for every major room of the property ( front and back). A minimum of 25 photos is generally provided (exceptions for very small properties). You can order additional photo locations as an upgrade (or, you can always add your own photos as well).

Self Service 

  • You complete the photography work (or use your own photographer) and provide a floorplan sketch, and we clean up and redraw the floorplan and then produce the Interactive FloorPlan Tour.  You can also pick just the Photo Service or the FloorPlan Service if you don’t want both.

Step 4: Review & Publish Your Tour

Once a draft tour is created (typically 1-2 business days after we have all materials) you get an email to review tour.  You can make edits to anything and all changes are real time, including floor plan edits.

When happy with the tour, click Approve & Publish and the tour will be finalized and get linked to places like Realtor.com, certain automated MLS systems, YouTube, etc.  We suggest you add the MLS number prior to publishing so the tour linking process is not impacted….

Approve and Publish tour
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