You can now post content like photos and videos to Instagram using your computer.  In the past, you had to use your mobile device to post, even though you could view from a computer.  With this change, it is much easier to download and then upload the video.

Add a Video (or Photo)


Download your slideshow video (which is under the Marketing Center) or the custom video you received to your computer, and then click the + icon and upload it into the post, like you see here.

Adjust the Video


Once you select your video, it will show a screen like you see here. If you do not have a square video (e.g. resolution at 1000×1000 pixels), you will have an opportuity to crop the video by moving it to the right or left.  By default it center crops, so in this example the address is right in the middle which works fine.

If you ordered a social media video from us, it is already in the right resolution.  If you ordered other videos, we also provide a social media version, and we will be adding a social media version to the Matterport Walkthrough Video as well.

With this crop option you can download the slideshow video and upload to Instagram. Add our voiceover service and you have a pretty cool video, or get the social media video for an optimized version.

Set the Default Image View


Once the video is uploaded you can then select the preview image when the video first loads.  Just drag the slider on the right to a scene and save to update the image.

Customize the Post


 Add some explanation text and adjust other settings and post.  One thing to add is text to tell people to turn the audio on, since it plays off by default (even though there is a setting for this). If your video does have a voice over, we suggest selecting the option to generate the captions as they will help with hearing impaired people, and since the audio is off by default, it can help still communicate the information in the voice over.

The end result is a post that looks like this.  You can even embed it on your own website or blog or send along in an email blast.