Kansas City Area Videos

Kansas City Area Videos

Area Videos for your Tour

Check out our new area video for the Kansas City area, as well as for a cool bedroom community, Weatherby Lake.  These videos can be added to your virtual tour for a fee to enhance your marketing for all of those out of town buyers! We will be adding other community videos over time. If you have a specific request, please Contact us.

Kansas City Area

Check out the city of fountains, and world champions.

Weatherby Lake, Missouri

Check out the Weatherby Lake community video, complete with our AI voiceover.

Happy Holidays, 2022!

Happy Holidays, 2022!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Merry Holiday!

We hope the end of 2021, and the beginning of 2022, is a great one. Please enjoy our holiday video, narrated by Gary, our version of Santa.

If you want to get your own voice over for any of your tour’s videos, just head on over to our Video VoiceOver page and place an order.  We should have a first draft back to you within 24 hrs, Monday-Friday.  

VoiceOver Service

Enhance any of your videos with a narrated professional voice over

VoiceOvers add value

A voice over helps communicate far more information beyond what the media or text can show

AI-based Professional Voiceover

AI-based Professional Voiceover

Introducing Professional Video VoiceOvers.

We can now create a professional sounding voice over for any of your selected videos using a text script either you, or we, write.  Starting at just $50, you get up to 3 minutes of audio for your video.  You can also add the audio to multiple videos we create, including the free Slideshow Video.

Just listen to the professional narration for this 3D Walkthrough Video below created with our VoiceOver Service.

The cool part is you can listen to one of 8 available voice avatar voices and then select the right voice for you and your listing.  Just click the Play button under each person below to preview the available voices speaking the same marketing text.  You will notice some speak things just a little bit differently, and you can’t tell this is not a real human speaking!  The magic is in the artificial intelligence text -to-speech processing engine that converts that text script into a professional voice over.

Just read and listen to this paragraph at the same time, as narrated by Jeremy, to see how we bring text to speech!

Or listen to all of our available voices.

Don’t have time to write the script?

We added an option where we write the script for you based on your key talking points and other info from the tour.  It’s just $50 extra for us to write the script for you, up to 3 minutes of total audio created.  Even with this, our voice over service is much more cost effective than other options that start at $150-$200 and take 3 days to complete.  We will turn around a first draft within 24 hours or less, and you get 2 free edit opportunities.  So save some money and write the script yourself, or save some time, and have us write it.

To add a voice over to one of your videos, just visit our VoiceOver Service page by clicking below and complete the form to add the voice over script or key talking points, and we will get started enhancing your video!

VoiceOver Service

Enhance any of your videos with a narrated professional voice over

VoiceOvers add value

A voice over helps communicate far more information beyond what the media or text can show

Post to Instagram from your computer

Post to Instagram from your computer

You can now post content like photos and videos to Instagram using your computer.  In the past, you had to use your mobile device to post, even though you could view from a computer.  With this change, it is much easier to download and then upload the video.

Add a Video (or Photo)


Download your slideshow video (which is under the Marketing Center) or the custom video you received to your computer, and then click the + icon and upload it into the post, like you see here.

Adjust the Video


Once you select your video, it will show a screen like you see here. If you do not have a square video (e.g. resolution at 1000×1000 pixels), you will have an opportuity to crop the video by moving it to the right or left.  By default it center crops, so in this example the address is right in the middle which works fine.

If you ordered a social media video from us, it is already in the right resolution.  If you ordered other videos, we also provide a social media version, and we will be adding a social media version to the Matterport Walkthrough Video as well.

With this crop option you can download the slideshow video and upload to Instagram. Add our voiceover service and you have a pretty cool video, or get the social media video for an optimized version.

Set the Default Image View


Once the video is uploaded you can then select the preview image when the video first loads.  Just drag the slider on the right to a scene and save to update the image.

Customize the Post


 Add some explanation text and adjust other settings and post.  One thing to add is text to tell people to turn the audio on, since it plays off by default (even though there is a setting for this). If your video does have a voice over, we suggest selecting the option to generate the captions as they will help with hearing impaired people, and since the audio is off by default, it can help still communicate the information in the voice over.

The end result is a post that looks like this.  You can even embed it on your own website or blog or send along in an email blast.
Lake Home Tour with Voiceover

Lake Home Tour with Voiceover

Weatherby Lake Waterfront!!!

Weatherby Lake, MO

 See The Story of This Home

This Spotlight Tour features the lakefront home of Marlin & Linda Cone.  Some of you may know Marlin, as he was one of the co-founders of FloorPlanOnline and performed a sales role for many years before going back to real estate.  It’s a special listing, in part because of the great memories the property has provided the Cone Family over the last 20+ years, but also because we customized the slideshow video with some video clips, text slides and a voice over that was generated from a text script. The base video is right out of the FloorPlanOnline video engine.  So things like the text explainer slides and video clips are something anyone can add in a few clicks.  The voice over is custom, but it is something we are looking to add in for automated voiceovers for any video.

Yes, the voice you hear narrating is all computer generated from a text script using an AI-based text to speech engine.  Our inspiration for this was the Val Kilmer documentary of his life – because of his throat cancer, Val was unable to clearly speak for the documentary, but as you can hear in the promo video, it’s his voice, which was synthesized specifically for the documentary.   Well, we took this text script that was created using Google Docs, shared with the Cone Team for edits, and then the voice over was generated and added to the video…again the base video media was generated from the built-in FloorPlanOnline video editor.

The question for you – is this feature something you would want and use on your virtual tour videos?  

We are contemplating providing a service to do this in phase I, and then provide a more integrated way to generate the voice over through the edit video tool in Phase II, if phase I is successful and desired from a customer perspective.  Please view the video and let us know your thoughts via our survey.  Your answers can help shape how we move forward with this voice over feature.

View the video & complete our short survey

Want different voices?

We could also allow you to select different voices.  Hear the description of our 3D Walkthrough Tour by Ava, one of the virtual voices.  She sounds pretty darn good.  Do you agree?

Embed on your Blog or Website

You can also view the whole tour through the embedded tour below.  Just click any media button to get started.

As a side note, if you have a blog, we highly recommend you do something similar each time you get a listing.  The listing and tour is great content for your blog or your social media channels, so leverage it.  Send an email to your base, directing them to your blog post.

All you need to do to embed the whole tour into your website is use this “iframe code” on your site. Most blogs allow you to embed youtube videos or other content.  Our tour can be just some of that content.   You can even just copy and paste this code – just replace the tour ID that is bolded with your tour ID.  Note it uses the TOUR format, which is a fixed frame.  replace the word tour with story and you embed the single property page version (although because you have to scroll it is not recommended for embedding).

<iframe name=”tour” src=”https://www.floorplanonline.com/tour/393546” frameborder=”1″ width=”100%” height=”675″></iframe>

You can also add a link or button to the full tour like we did below.

See the Story of this Home in a separate tab.

HomeDiary Helps when Disaster Strikes

HomeDiary Helps when Disaster Strikes

Wild Fires. Hurricanes. Tornados. Floods.  

These are every year occurrences, and it seems like they are getting more prevalent with global warming.  This has a direct impact on you and your clients, so how can you (and we) help?

Give the gift of HomeDiary.

HomeDiary is FloorPlanOnline’s homeowner management app that lets people plan and document what’s in their home and what they have done with it.  Snap a few photos of each room via the app, and you have a visual record of what is in the home.  It only takes a few minutes, but it can save hours, if not days, of work if something should happen and your client loses their home to a disaster.  This is a perfect opportunity to coach your clients on how to use technology, and our free app, to document their home.  It’s safe, private and secure and the best part is, it is free for them to use, compliments of you!

HomeDiary also includes our 3D Designer, the 2D/3D space planning tool that is included with our virtual tours, so your buyers and sellers can claim the home and get the photos and the 2D/3D floor plans automatically copied into their own private HomeDiary account.  It’s a great keepsake for your seller, and it’s a great management tool for your buyer.  Even if you did not work with the buyer, they can claim the home from the tour.

FREE Sponsorships!

HomeDiary can also be used by any homeowner.  And you can invite all of your clients via your free HomeDiary invite code.  It is part of your FloorPlanOnline account and it takes just a few seconds to sync your profile and get your invite code.  HomeDiary is free for your clients, and it is free for you to use as well.  When they sign up using your special invite code, you also become the sponsor on their HomeDiary account.


The sponsorship is on both our web version as well as our iOS app that works on iPhones and iPads (which makes up about 70% of mobile Internet users.  Android users can use our web app via an browser.

As homeowners log the Who Did What, Where, When and for How Much, you will be there, front and center as their site sponsor.  


We make it easy to get started:

  • Just login to your FloorPlanOnline account and go to the Main menu
  • Select HomeDiary Sponsorship
  • If you have not already created a HomeDiary account, select Sync Profile – this will sync your profile from FloorPlanOnline over into HomeDiary.   You are creating a HomeDiary account through this process, so you can not only use it for the sponsorship, you can use it on your own home too.

Sync your profile to get your personal invite code!

You can even use the invite code and post it to Facebook.  If you have a Facebook business page for you as a real estate agent (which you should – it is free and lets you advertise your services on Facebook), you can just click the Facebook share icon and it will pop a share window like you see below.  Add some text and post it to your Facebook business page.  Once it is posted, Boost the Post and create an ad for a target market area.   When people click and sign up, you become their sponsor!  Our initial tests created sponsored leads for around $3 a person.  So look at what your customer acquisition costs are and leverage the tool to get in front or more people as they manage their home.

With our free sponsorship, you are proving a multi-million home management app to your clients and prospective clients for free.   No other tour or home management platform has the robust tools we have, and it is yours, just for being part of the FloorPlanOnline family.