How to Create an Open Concept for any floor plan

How to Create an Open Concept for any floor plan

The floor plan is the core, or bones, of any house.  That is why per Zillow research, floor plans scored higher than pro photos or video in terms of important listing content, as determined by buyers.  What are they getting, the furniture of the seller, or the floors, walls, and fixtures.  The bones.  

Sometimes a layout can be a little challenging, or maybe there is hidden potential.  How do you communicate that as part of the listing process?  You can use our floor plan and the 3D Designer to create that open concept, or virtual remodel, stage or do whatever you want.  The power is in your hands.  

Check out this video on how you can use our tool to take your listing marketing to the next level.

Use our 3D Designer for virtual staging or remodeling.

  • Add or remove walls virtually with the click of the mouse
  • change flooring – hardwoods, carpet, tile and more
  • change the wall colors or surfaces, like drywall, stucco, brick and more
  • use as a landscape planning tool for the whole yard
  • drag and drop furniture to design your ultimate space
Webinar for using 3D Designer to Create that Open Concept & more

Webinar for using 3D Designer to Create that Open Concept & more

We recently had one of our customers ask about how to use our 3D floor plan tool to help show what an open concept might look like.  Turns out, we can help.  Check out the video below on how to use it to virtually remove walls and even showcase sample furniture placement.  We are holding a live webinar to do a deep dive on how to leverage this for your own listing in January, held January 14th at 1 PM PST/4PM EST.  Click the button to register.

HomeDiary for All of your Clients

HomeDiary for All of your Clients

HomeDiary Sponsorship is now free for all FloorPlanOnline customers.  HomeDiary is our home management platform that is integrated into every tour we do.  You can now invite all of your clients too beyond just the buyer and seller. 

Join our webinar to learn how to use it to stay in front of your clients, leverage it at your next transaction, and even turn more leads into customers.  See the sneak peak and register for the webinar to learn a lot more!

Please join us for a webinar on December 16th from 10 to 11 am Pacific time | 1 to 2 PM Eastern. Just sign up below.

HomeDiary for All

HomeDiary for All

We have opened things up so now any FloorPlanOnline user can leverage our homeowner platform, HomeDiary, and provide it as a gift to all of your clients.

See the video for what HomeDiary is and what it can do for you to stay in front of your clients – sellers, buyers and all of your past clients.  This provides a great reason to reach out to now with a free gift for them.  It should be available before the end of November. Enjoy!

Holiday Video for You

Holiday Video for You

Want to spread some holiday cheer?  Have us create a holiday video for you and/or your team like the example on this page (just click the Cone Team image to see the video or check out each theme via the text links below).  You can select from a more generic holiday video or Christmas or Hanukkah options.  Just select the option you want when you place an order. We will produce the video within a couple of days and send you a link for view and download.  

Price is $25 per video and you get one change request.  

We will use photos from specific listings you may have had during the year.  If you don’t any listings we can use some stock photos too.  If you have special requests or specific listings you want us to use, use the comments box to provide as much detail as possible, including tour IDs to help guide us on what you want done.  Use our video review link to post your comments once you get your produced video.  If you have more than one change there will be an additional change fee of $25 for other requests, so please review and consolidate all comments at the same time.  

– Click a text link below to see the specific video theme –

Christmas Theme

Merry Christmas Theme

Happy Holiday Theme

Happy Holidays Theme

Hanukkah Theme

Hanukkah Theme

Order your Holiday Video using this form.  We will bill your card on file once we create the video. 

Virtual Open House Webinar

55% of buyers don’t want to set foot in your listings now days due to covid.  So how do you effectively sell your listings in today’s challenging environment?

You hold a virtual open house leveraging the FloorPlanOnline tour.  It really is the next best thing to being there and it can provide complete virtual access to your listing without ANYONE having to be present at the property.  The best part?  55% of buyers said they would actually buy a home sight-unseen IF it had the right kind of content online.  We have seen our customers experience this where offers have been made by buyers without a physical property visit before the offer.  

In our free live webinar, we will go through the following details of a virtual open house.

  • mechanics of how to set up a virtual open house including using an online meeting tool and creating a lead capture form in a crm
  • how to advertising it – social media, your contact database and other free and paid channels to leverage your listing to get new buyer and seller leads
  • how to run it
  • tips on following up after the webinar

We will also discuss how to stay connected with our integrated HomeDiary app that leverages the content created for the listing to be either a keepsake for your seller, or a home management tool for the new buyer, compliments of you!