The Listing, Sale and the Relationship

Interactive Floor Plans Sell 79% more saves 60%we more traffic Sell for 22% more than market average (1)
All floor plans are not create equal…and in fact, no one else provides the kind of floor plans we provide:

  • 2D point & click interactive floor plan showing the photo where it is on the plan
  • 2D/3D model & 3D designer – an HGTV-like floor planning and design tool tied to every property – on the tour and inside the consumer HomeDiary app
  • All space data is unlocked, both LxW and square footage by room, floor and the whole property
  • Black & White, Color or enhanced to match flooring of property
  • Real-time editable, shareable, and transferrable to the buyer (and seller) via Claim Home
  • Tied to the home, homeowner and agent – agent get’s attribution on plans created inside HomeDiary
  • Export to CAD
  • High Res 3D render (beta)
  • ANY source converted into the HomeDiary floor plan format
  • Use our iOS device to scan to get a floor plan for the Diary, our digital closing gift

View our Webinar on how Interactive FloorPlans can energize your business

Click here to view the presentation slides and get access to the links discussed inside this video.

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