Floor Plan Tours

FloorPlanOnline Helps Top of the Line Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Realtors Market Listings Online.  Our Interactive FloorPlan Tour is Simple to use, Effective and Affordable.

  • Simple. See the kitchen, click the kitchen.  People really get to know the property, layout and flow.
  • Effective. Over 90% of Buyers surveyed think floor plans are ESSENTIAL listing content. Are you meeting their needs?
  • Affordable. Feature Rich without a Long Term Contract.

We provide the most comprehensive premium property virtual tour on the market today by featuring Video & Photos with the Floor plan.  Avoid the 360 spinning rooms or guessing what photo goes with what room.  Click the Kitchen, see the Kitchen.  Now Buyers can actually view the  flow of a home.  Just click the image of the  Full Tour to the right to see how the tour will look on Realtor.com and your company’s website, with your branding and contact information so potential buyers can reach you!

Embedded Content.  In addition to the unique property website that is distributed to popular real estate sites, your tour content can be embedded into your website or a blog (such as WordPress). Two options for this – Pop-Over Tour or Embedded Tour. This is all included with every FloorPlan Tour at no additional cost. Put the content anywhere and everywhere…there is no limit to where you can put the tour content.  If you do not have a lot of room, use our pop-up tour button to put on your site.  Click it at right, and you can see the power of embedded content on YOUR SITE!.

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Our embedded content tool allows you to configure the size, color and even pick what content shows.  You can regenerate the embed code multiple times to really make your site shine too!.  If you can embed a YouTube video, you can embed the tour content.   Keep users on YOUR site, increase YOUR SEO and get more people seeing the important listing information.  Click here to read more on the embedded tour content.

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Pricing – See our pricing to read more on how we charge for our services.

How do we get the floor plan?

FloorPlanOnline has a large network of Service Providers in 48 States.  Click Here to view our coverage area.  Full Service Tours are hands off for you – We Measure and Photograph the listing, then the production department creates and emails you a tour link for approval.  To get started, just create a new account by selecting Sign-Up, complete the information, and then select Create Tour.  You will be provided with options available for you and your property’s location.

Self Service. If we don’t currently cover your zip code you can send us the photos and floorplan. Use the appraisal when the seller bought the home or work with an appraiser to provide us with the raw materials. If you are doing the sketch yourself, you can also download our FloorPlan Sketch Pad and use it as the graph paper.  Put each level on a separate sheet and then scan it and upload right into the order (scan each level as a separate jpeg to upload and name each floor, or save as a PDF and upload), or fax it to us at 206-299-2996.  We will then produce the tour.  Don’t forget about our TourProducer Subscription Plan.   For a low monthly or annual fee, you can create unlimited Video Tours and then get discounts on upgrades for FloorPlans.   We likely will have full service FloorPlan Creation services in your area within the contiguous 48 states, even if we can’t take the photos for you!

It is a fabulous listing tool. Get the listing every time by showcasing the Interactive Floor Plan Tour at your next listing appointment.  Download your demo house tour to your computer and bring it with you – no Internet access required! Click here to read more on how to use FloorPlanOnline in your Listing process.

Standard Tour Features Include:

Each tour includes the Virtual WalkThru™ Video with 300+ music choices, editable transitions and the ability to add text on each video frame.  Google Maps, Your Contact info and photo and tons of Real Estate Marketing tools.  click here to see all of our Features.

  • Online FloorPlan with Photos – works on most browsers, including mobile devices!
  • Virtual WalkThru™ Video.
  • Printable FloorPlan.
  • Printable Flyer.
  • Area Map with satellite view.
  • Email tour via Send Link.
  • Contact You. & NEW Event-based Lead Capture (read more)
  • More Info links to any URL.
  • Share & Bookmark to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other social media sites.
  • Unique Tour website address with ability to upgrade to street address of property.
  • Branded and Unbranded links.
  • Download tour and burn to CD.
  • Link to Realtor.com and other sites (Realtor.com is free for Showcase members, $20 for non-Showcase members of Realtor.com).
  • Mobile site viewable on most mobile enabled smart phones.  No application to download or short code to enter.
  • Comprehensive tour reporting for hits, visitors, referring sites, location of viewers. You can even email it to your sellers.Click for sample report
  • Embeddable Floor Plan Tour widget so you can add the tour to your blog or property detail page.  Tour hosting for the first year included. $19.99 per year thereafter, which gets you free updates to any new standard tour functionality.

Just register (or login if your already have an account) and select Place Order to get started.