FREE Linking!

FREE Linking!

Great news for non-Showcase agents linking tours to
As of July 1, 2015, linking the FloorPlanOnline virtual tour to is now completely Free! In the past, charged us a fee to link non-Showcase tours to, and we therefore passed on this cost by charging $25 to link to Going forward, linking to, whether you are a Showcase member with them or not, is free!

We made this change in our pricing system a little after the first of the month, and we did attempt to refund any charges for non-Showcase linking made from July 1 to July 7th. If you find a charge for linking in July that we missed, just shoot us an email at and we will issue a credit.

Behind Zillow/Trulia, is the 3rd most vistited real estate website, so it benefits you to link the tour. In additon, if you are a Showcase member only because of the tour linking savings (it was free), you might be able to save some bucks now with the nonShowcase membership.

How to link your tours to
It is easy, you just need to do a few things:
1) Update your linking profile to make sure selected.
To add, login, go to Edit Profile and click the Edit Tour Linking & Distribution button towards the top. Then just make sure is checked. Go to the bottom and save.


Then select the box for


2) Add to older tours.
Go to Manage Tours, then select the Edit Details link (it is a blue text link) under the Tour Details column, scroll to the bottom and make sure is selected for that particular listing (and that we have the valid MLS number) and then save.


3) Manually link to
Go back to Manage Tours an on the far right under Tour Actions, select See Tour Linking and hit the relink option to manually link the tour to

realtor5You can also send us an email to with a request to set this up and relink for you. Note if you have a lot of tours, it might take a few days for us to complete this task.

For new tours, if we have the MLS number at the time you Approve & Publish the tour, the virtual tour will get added to within a few minutes automatically. It shows both on the small thumbnail view as well as on the lower right of the main photo slider. Granted…it is not that visible, but at least it is there on the listing!

Call2Action Photo
As a reminder, you can get more people clicking on the virtual tour by uploading the unbranded version of the Call2Action photo into your MLS photo gallery, which then will make its way to, Zillow and other sites to call out to the user to click on the virtual tour link. Click here to read more on the Call2Action Photo.

Note for the Northwest MLS
Some MLS systems (namely the NWMLS in the Seattle area) make you jump through some hoops to get your listings pulled into in the first place. If your listings are not on, we can’t link the tour there. So you need to make sure pulls your listings in from the MLS first.

What you need to do:
The following forms need to be completed and faxed back to MOVE® at 480-556-4508.

1)® Designated (BDCP) – Broker Data Content Provider Agreement

2) NWMLS Form 110 – Data License Agreement – This needs to be downloaded directly from the NWMLS website

3) NWMLS Broker Website Agreement

You can also contact directly at® Customer Care: 800-878-4166

Enhanced Co-Listing Update

Enhanced Co-Listing Update

Introducing Co-Listing Support!  In the past, you had to create a separate account to support the display of two agents and their contact info, which was time consuming and laborious.  Now you can easily add another agent to a listing just by typing in their name or manually adding their contact info. This is done on a listing by listing basis, making it a lot easier and faster to add a co-listing agent.  Once you add a co-list agent they will show up on the tour as well as on one of the co-listing flyers that we have added.

Click here to see an example.

There are two points where you can add a co-listing agent to an account:

Creating a New Tour

1. The first is during the process of creating a new tour. When you reach the Customize Tour step you are able to add a co-listing agent to the listing, just by searching for an agent already in our system, or manually add them.


Managing Tours
 2. The second is adding it to an already existing tour under the Manage Tours tab of your FloorPlan Online account. Click on the edit details link next to the Listing ID. You can then add/edit the co-listing information there.

manage tours

edit tour1


As mentioned above, there are two ways to add an agent. Select from an already existing agent or manually add one, as you see below.

1. Choose from an Already Existing Agent

adding existing

2. Manually Add an Agent



We have added 3 flyer templates that include the colist agents and the great photo and floor plan content we create too.  We hope you enjoy this long anticipated enhancement! It has actually been on our list of things to develop for many years, so we are glad to put our manual work around to bed!


Full Screen HD Tour Updates

Full Screen HD Tour Updates

We have made some great updates to the Full Screen HD Tour. Updates include:

  • Speed improvements. Tours loads within seconds
  • TRUE 1920×1080 p images.  Other tour providers show smaller images which look fuzz on HD screens
  • Zoom On/Off. You can turn photo zoom off to see the whole image.
  • Works on iPad.  We use the same viewer on the iPad. It looks great!

View the video to see a quick overview

To set-up a tour using the Full Screen Tour, just go to Manage Tours, then Edit Details for the listing, and select the Full Screen Tour at the top of the page.  You can also set it as the default tour by going to Edit Profile and selecting the Full Screen Tour option.


Introducing Call2Action

Introducing Call2Action

We just released the best way to get a buyer on the line, and then hook’em.  The Call2Action PhotoTM!

Now, every newly published tour has a composite image of select content from the tour called the Call2Action Photo.   It features the exclusive content like the floorplan image, a video screen shot and some other photos.  It is designed to be used on sites like Zillow, Trulia and (the 3 together make up over 70% of the real estate traffic) to leverage their massive monthly traffic to get more people coming to your virtual tour.  Once they are there, use our event-based lead capture to communicate and seal the deal!

The Call2Action photo can be uploaded to Zillow and moved to say position #2 to let the viewer know there is cooler, better content on the virtual tour.  Download the branded version right from the Marketing Center main page.  We also have an unbranded version (that does not have the tour link but just calls out to click the virtual tour) that can be used on the MLS.  This can then get swept to Zillow, Trulia and, sites that typically include the virtual tour links via Listhub distribution.  call2action_branded (13)

Coming soon – We are also working on some updated tour posting solutions for Zillow and Craigslist…that can make the posting of the virtual tour either automatic, or as simple as a few steps.  We can also upload the branded Call2Action photo right into your Zillow listing.  We hope to launch this new feature within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


PS. The Call2Action photo is live on all tours published as of September 19th.  If you want it on an older tour, just go to Edit Tour, then Edit Photos/Video and hit the save button.  The branded Call2Action photo should then show up as a button in the Marketing Center.

YouTube Can Drive Website Traffic

Here is a great new article from RealtorMag about a study conducted by the WAV Group and Victor Lund that talks about how the portal sites like Zillow, Trulia and are not driving traffic back to broker’s websites….and that YouTube is one of the top referring sites, thanks to Google.  See the full post from the WAV Group here.  He further states there should be a driving force to get virtual tours on every listing.

Google was also a top referrer, and that has important implications for virtual tours on YouTube because “Google displays YouTube results in the search results above the fold,” Lund writes. “That means that the video gets great SEO — usually better than the broker’s listing detail page. This is the driving force behind the strategy of publishing virtual tours on every company listing.”

Luckily, as a FloorPlanOnline customer, we generate a free YouTube video for each listing, and we can post it either to our YouTube channel or yours.  Just set it up under your Linking Profile.  The video is all automatic, based on your settings under the Edit Photo/Video tab.  You can even add text or video clips.  Some of the other guys charge you $20, and it is a manual process.  Plus, we are working on a cool new video update this fall…so stay tuned for that update.  A preview of what it might look like is in this post.

call2action brandedThis study highlights the importance of a new tool we have been working on for the last month, called our Call2Action Photo.  The goal of the Call2Action Photo is to get more users to the virtual tour, where lead capture and engagement can happen.  The photo is a composite image of the floor plan, a video screen shot and several other images, with the virtual tour link prominently displayed and text that says Get Exclusive Content.  So now, leverage the traffic on Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist or other websites  and create an incentive for people to get the exclusive content, like floor plans, on the virtual tour!

When you think about it, the virtual tour is the ONLY piece of content that can live on all of these websites (as well as your competitor sites) and drive traffic back to the listing.  If your tour features floor plans, the #2 requested item from buyers, and if you do not upload the floor plans as images with other photos (we think this is very important not to do), then the only place people will be able to see the floorplans is via the tour. This creates an opportunity for the potential buyer to find your tour, and you!

Plus, we are also the only company that automatically converts your unbranded tour pulled in from the MLS to a branded one on sites like Zillow with our exclusive Brandkeepr technology.  So when you combine:

  • The Virtual Tour distributed throughout the top websites, like Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist and YouTube
  • Our Brandkeepr technology that converts unbranded to branded tours
  • Our Lead Capture tools that can engage a user after 4 clicks around the floor plan
  • And now our Call2Action photo

You get More Traffic, More Leads and More Results

But wait…it gets better!  Introducing a new option for corporate accounts where we can actually rebrand our virtual tour link with your domain name. So, Zillow can actually drive traffic to the tour which is now considered your website!  This means more visitors, more visits and more time on site, thanks to Zillow’s traffic!   This custom tour rebranding can be easily done with a sub domain, like, or with a little work on the IT side, like  where xxxxxx is our virtual tour ID.  This feature is exclusive to corporate account customers.  Please use the contact from below to discuss adding this feature to your account/sub accounts.

The bottom line, you need to provide something different than the same photos and text a user will find on Zillow, or your company website.  The FloorPlanOnline virtual tour does that, with the clickable floor plans, the RoomPlanner tool, flyer and other marketing tools we provide exclusive to the listing.  Buyers want to see floor plans….the virtual tour is the bait that will let you set the hook!  Plus, we can embed it on your website and further keep the user engaged.