I am very excited to announce the next step in the evolution of the FloorPlanOnline service offering with our new “go to market” strategy called the FloorPlanOnline Area Manager (“FAM”) program. Photographers, please read more about the program here.  http://floorplanonline.com/for-photographers/

In the past, we have contracted with local photographers who would accept jobs and have little engagement or incentive to expand the market beyond them accepting a job.  They would leave all the sales and marketing to FloorPlanOnline.  The problem is, real estate is a local business, and having local sales people means less money can go to the person doing the actual work and engaging with the customer on a weekly basis.  With our new FAM program, we are taking a different approach in how we work with local photographers to help them build their business on top of our platform and our brand. While we continue to do top level marketing such as national tradeshows and vendor programs, the billing and even the centralized technical customer support, we are looking to the local FAM to do the local sales and service work.  In exchange, the local FAM has an opportunity to make much more money and build their own business leveraging a national company, but on a local basis.  This creates a win-win-win for both FloorPlanOnline, the local provider, and our joint customers because the customer gets a person engaged in, incentivized by and tie to that local business!  Churn in the photographer base is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction is greatly increased!

We know many of our competitors churn through various photographers very quickly.  This creates service issues, potential distrust and a costly retrain each time. In contrast, we have had people working for us for 12 years!  With the FAM program, we are looking to build lifetime relationships with the local provider and our customers.

We need your help.  If you know of a photographer, appraiser or other highly motivated person that has a passion for real estate, we would love to talk to them about being a FAM!  You can direct them to our Photographer page to get started!