Video Clips & Bookend Videos

We have some exciting news to share…the ability to add video clips in your Virtual WalkThru Video! But there is more…not only can you upload a clip of a fountain, a boat skimming across the water, or whatever you want to showcase on an individual tour, we also added the ability to upload Agent Bookend Videos to your profile, and then add these videos to every WalkThru Video, just by checking the box!  Posting to the MLS?  Don’t worry, you can just have your bookend videos show on the branded tour, or if you make the bookend video generic (without any of your contact info, name, etc…), you can include the bookends in both the branded and unbranded videos.

See our How To Video to learn more on how you can create a really custom video for your tours
Video Bookend Example

See an excellent example of the power of this feature by clicking the Video tab below or see, provided courtesy of Best View Photography.

This is also an example of how you can embed the whole virtual tour into your website!

While we believe a great photo with animation to simulate movement is a powerful tool, a video clip can evoke emotion up and above what a photo might provide.  So give it a try.  It’s FREE!

As always, you can view all of our help videos here.

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