Welcome to HomeDiary PRO – Stories

We’ve completely redesigned how you create, edit and manage your virtual tours for your listings in our Stories section of the site.  This video goes through the features and functionality in detail.  There are a lot of new things and super helpful features, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with the new platform.  Click here to see the video on the new Diary feature. 

Highlights of the new Management System for Virtual Tours

  • completely re-written interface that works on mobile
  • Easy management of listing status
  • integrated Media management to access, edit & download in the same interface
  • Real-time editing of the gallery, slideshow video, flyer, 2D/3D floor plans and the tour
  • Presentation customization of the “hero” section to pick different photos, remove text or facts, and select different themes.
  • Embed other tours or videos (beyon the existing support for Matterport, YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Upload tour documents such as the inspection report, pest report or other documents to help sell the home
  • Control over the visibility of the tour in the public domain
  • Easy share of the tour or the media page with an assistant or other personnel