Did you know you can upload documents and show them on the tour itself?  They show next to the flyer and printable floor plan files with any name you provide for it.  This is great if you need to show listing related documents on your marketing.  For example cities like Portland and Austin require some kind of home energy score (“HES”) to sell a listing, and the rules require you to display it as a link on your marketing.  You can use our feature to upload your HES and show it as a clickable icon.  When clicked, it downloads the PDF of the HES!
you can upload any document to the tour and display it as an available download
We accept Word or PDF attachments as tour documents.  Things such as seller’s disclosures, home energy scores, bug inspections or even a pre-sale home inspection report could be added to the tour so potential buyers can see all of the info and help them make a better decision. 

To add a document, just go to Manage Tours, then Edit Details to get the the listing page.  Scroll down almost to the bottom until you see the Tour Documents section. Enter a display name for the document, find the file on your computer and then upload.  You can add more or delete a document too.   Just remember to save, and the document then shows up on the tour.  

to add a tour document, just select the file on your computer, add a name for it and then save the edits.