The floor plan is the core, or bones, of any house.  That is why per Zillow research, floor plans scored higher than pro photos or video in terms of important listing content, as determined by buyers.  What are they getting, the furniture of the seller, or the floors, walls, and fixtures.  The bones.  

Sometimes a layout can be a little challenging, or maybe there is hidden potential.  How do you communicate that as part of the listing process?  You can use our floor plan and the 3D Designer to create that open concept, or virtual remodel, stage or do whatever you want.  The power is in your hands.  

Check out this video on how you can use our tool to take your listing marketing to the next level.

Use our 3D Designer for virtual staging or remodeling.

  • Add or remove walls virtually with the click of the mouse
  • change flooring – hardwoods, carpet, tile and more
  • change the wall colors or surfaces, like drywall, stucco, brick and more
  • use as a landscape planning tool for the whole yard
  • drag and drop furniture to design your ultimate space