Save Time & Money with Virtual Staging & FPO Editing

We can do a lot with a blank space, or we can fix issues with existing spaces.  This post highlights some of the examples and details the benefits.  As part of our standard photo editing for each full service order, we will do the following tasks.  Additional editing can be requested under Tour Upgrades for typically $10 a photo.

  • Blue skies on all outside photos
  • TV blackouts or the front home image on TV screens
  • Removal of blemishes or distracting power cords
  • Flash reflection removal
  • Cloning out small imperfections not property specific

Example of using Photoshop to remove a moving Pod

Examples of our Virtual Staging

We can also convert blank spaces into virtually staged rooms.  According to one Seattle area agent, a quote for a partial real staging of a 4000 sq ft house was going to run a minimum of $8,000 for the first month.  At $65 an image, we can save you a bundle, and these images can be used for the life of the tour.

Since virtual staging is done after we have the processed photos, you order virtual staging on our Custom Services page.