55% of buyers don’t want to set foot in your listings now days due to covid.  So how do you effectively sell your listings in today’s challenging environment?

You hold a virtual open house leveraging the FloorPlanOnline tour.  It really is the next best thing to being there and it can provide complete virtual access to your listing without ANYONE having to be present at the property.  The best part?  55% of buyers said they would actually buy a home sight-unseen IF it had the right kind of content online.  We have seen our customers experience this where offers have been made by buyers without a physical property visit before the offer.  

In our free live webinar, we will go through the following details of a virtual open house.

  • mechanics of how to set up a virtual open house including using an online meeting tool and creating a lead capture form in a crm
  • how to advertising it – social media, your contact database and other free and paid channels to leverage your listing to get new buyer and seller leads
  • how to run it
  • tips on following up after the webinar

We will also discuss how to stay connected with our integrated HomeDiary app that leverages the content created for the listing to be either a keepsake for your seller, or a home management tool for the new buyer, compliments of you!