New Embedded Tour Feature

I am really excited to introduce the newest creation from the FloorPlanOnline Dev Shop - Embeddable Tours!  We have had ways to embed the video or the floor plan widget into a website page for years now, but with this new enhancement, you can embed all or just a part of the tour into your website! You can pick what content tabs to show – show just the floorplan (which removes the tabs), the floorplan and roomplanner, or all content.  A video on how to set it up is here – just click the image to the right.

You have two display options:

1. Embed it using a button (select one of ours or upload your own button style) that pops the tour over your website….so the user never leaves the site…they just click, the tour opens over the page, they view, they like, they call you with an offer. This is great for websites that might have a pretty narrow content area or you can’t mess with the overall layout, or the in-line embedded view just would be too small.  You could also put this in a widget area on your website.

Try it here by clicking this button (or you can upload your own button).

Or you can select the Plan Based Button that shows the first floor plan image as the button.

2.Embed it in-line with your content, just like this example below. We provide different sizes, but you can manually adjust the size to fit any pixel dimension you want. Just change the width and height dimension in the simple code you copy and paste.  The content will adjust automatically and display it in an optimized format for the selected size!

Each option allows the complete showing of all the tour content, on your site. It even works on the iPad! No more annoying pop-ups, page resizes, or LEAVING YOUR SITE! The user stays where they should, sees the content and leaves a happy camper. Plus, with either option, you get a full screen option to see the photos, video, or floor plan. You can even use our lead capture page to get the lead (we are working on some ideas here… :))

To get started, go to Manage Tours/select the Photos & Marketing Tools link for your listing, and then select the Embeddable Tour Content button.  Configure it to how you want it displayed, including selecting what content to show first, and then just copy and paste it into your website (like a WordPress site), a blog, or many corporate websites. Your site and the users site does need to allow for javascript in order for the button to work…but most users allow for this.

The example above was done using the embedded tour option. Note, you can configure both the embedded tour and the button and use the code. Both work independently of the other. This is an example of just embedding the roomplanner tool.

We would love more feedback on this feature. This is our first iteration, so I am sure there are some things to adjust or improve upon. Please comment below or send us an email to and we can review your comments and ideas!

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