Introducing the new Photo/Video editor.

We spent last year completely recoding our back-end video engine to make it more scalable and reliable so it is able to produce smoother, more cinematic videos.  Now, we have completely recoded the front-end editor you use to create the videos.  It is built using modern code and comes with these benefits highlighted below:

  • NO use of Adobe Flash, which means you can use your iPad to edit the photo order and create a video.  The old editor required Flash.
  • Simplified Intro/Exit branding slides that pull from your profile info & can be shown independently of each other
  • Ability to add photos or even ready to use video clips and sequence them into the timeline.
  • Auto syncing of the floor plan images that can be inserted in the video (at this time they are not shown in the photo gallery because the point & click plan shows the floor plans there)
  • Add a Text slide to help communicate a space or feature. This is similar to the text posts you see on Facebook, and it includes the ability to add in emojis. 😉  You can also use this to create a custom branding slide and select to show it ONLY on the branded version of the video we create (so you do not get in trouble with your MLS and their unbranded requirements. 💡 See example below.
  • Auto saves – no more save and preview or save.  It just does it.
  • Video length indicator
  • Multi-select images – use SHIFT+Click to select
  • Quick editing panel for everything you can change on each media item.  See example below.


This is the text slide editor so you can create any kind of custom slide and inject into the video timeline.

Click the photo (media card) to show the quick edit panel for each media item.

Floor Plan images are automatically updated when changes are made to the floor plan (under Edit FloorPlan). Only available in the video timeline for now.