Did you know you can change the music on the included slideshow video in just a few clicks?   All you need to do is navigate to Manage Tours, then Edit Tour on the right, and go to the Edit Photos/Video tab.  Once there, select the Settings icon and you will see a list of music.  Select the dropdown and you can see genres and play a snippet of a song to get the right one for you and your listing.  Save, then hit the Update Video button, and your video will be updated on the tour with a few minutes typically, and you can download it under Manage Tours if you want to post it to your own website or social media.  

this image shows the video editor and how to change music on the slideshow video

If you want to get really creative, check out our webinar on how to create an amazing slideshow video.  It goes into detail on how to use the transitions, add your own video clips or use our text explainer slide feature to add explanations or even create custom call to action slides.