Virtual Showings in Uncertain Times

Virtual Showings in Uncertain Times

The US, and World, is currently going through unprecedented life events that really have not been seen since the 1918 flu pandemic.  Schools are closing for weeks, businesses are shutting down and people are hunkering down at home.  We also understand some sellers are leery of having people tour their home for sale.

Marketing of your listings does not need to stop.  Leveraging virtual tools is a great way to minimize some of these fears, and frankly the online audience likely will never be greater.  To help communicate the idea of leveraging virtual showings, we created a special web page around the ideal. 

Check it out here.

You and your sellers have invested a lot of time and money into the marketing process.  Leverage the FloorPlanOnline tour to showcase your listing 24/7.  In certain markets we have Matterport cameras that can add on an immersive online experience so potential buyers can point and click their way through a listing.  This provides complete transparency and it is the next best thing to being there.  In fact, we have had people buy $1 million homes just by looking at our tour – a physical property visit was never made.

So we highly recommend adding Matterport to your tour.  Just select the option when you place an order.  If you already have a tour, we can revisit the property can create a 3D property scan, or in some cases where we created the initial floor plan with a Matterport camera, we can simply activate the Matterport scan on your tour.  Please contact customer care to enable this feature.


Thank You Tammy!

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service, and I just love this letter we got from one of our customers singing praises for Tammy Rutledge, our customer care team manager, as well as the other folks on the care team. We don’t shy away from providing support.  We would love your comments so please put yours on this post, good or bad!

Here are our various support tools.

  • Call:  866-810-3816, option 3 during normal business hours, M-F.  We added a callback feature so if one of our folks is busy on the phone, you can keep your place in line and we will call you back, so you can go about your business without having to listen to hold music.
  • Email/Support Ticket – Click here
  • Knowledge Base – Click here.  Lots of articles and we are adding more videos, so start here as many questions are probably answered already
  • Chat – we have both Betty (named after Kris Cone’s grandma, who had a knack for talking to anyone), our Support Bot on most pages on our main website that can answer some of your frequently asked questions, or we have live chat on our Contact page.

If we are not meeting your expectations we would love to hear from you as well.  Each tour has a satisfaction survey link or you can always send us an email and if you want it to go to me, Kris Cone, just put that in your comments and someone will direct it my way.

Thank you Carol Dorey and Team for taking the time to write this great letter – in the day of electronic communication, this was actually a really special note!

Kris Cone


Hide Suggested YouTube Videos

Hide Suggested YouTube Videos

We periodically get questions about how to hide the suggested videos you see at the end of a YouTube video.  This happens if you embed the video into your own website, Youtube suggested videosfor example.  It is an easy option to remove these suggested videos.  By default, showing suggested videos is turned ON.  To turn it off, do the following:

1. Select the Share icon below the main YouTube header (in the screen shot it is the street address of the property)

2. Select Embed.

3. Select Show More.

4. Below the Video Size option is a check box for Show suggested videos when the video finishes – Uncheck it.

5. Copy and paste the embed code (it starts with <iframe) which should include the option to not show those videos.  Note you can change the size of the video viewer on your page using the dropdown box.

6. Go to your website and paste the embed code where you want it to show and save.

That is it!

The screen shot below shows  you where to uncheck.   Note, the difference in the embed code to show or not show those videos is just a few characters of text – Do not show includes ?rel=0….if rel=0, then the related videos will not be shown…so if you already have embedded videos you can add that in the right place as shown below in the iframe code examples..

No Videos: <iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Show Videos: <iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Uncheck Box


YouTube Channel Changes

Add all of your videos to your YouTube Channel…quickly & easily

Due to some changes made by Google, who owns YouTube, you now have to authenticate your YouTube account with FloorPlanOnline in order for us to automatically upload your Tour video files into your own YouTube channel.  If you are just uploading to our YouTube channel,  you can ignore the rest of this news post.youtube_authentication

Why the Change? Originally, you logged into YouTube with a user name and password you created when you signed up for YouTube.  Google has now completely integrated YouTube with the rest of the Google services, and they have eliminated the separate YouTube user name.   It is now your Google login.   Because the Google login also provides access to your email and other Google services, Google has implemented a “Facebook-like” authentication process for 3rd party websites, like FloorPlanOnline.  All you need to do is allow access, which is the virtual handshake between our two sites, and the account is authenticated.

A few steps to do this.

1. You need to be logged into Google – either YouTube, your Google+ or your Gmail account.  Do this in the same browser you are using to access FloorPlanOnline.

2. In your FloorPlanOnline account, go to Edit Profile and then click the Edit Tour Linking & Distribution button.

3. Under the Automated Website Distribution Service section, check the box to link toMy YouTube Channel.   Once you check the box, a new window will pop from Google asking you to allow access.  Click the blue button.

4. If you want the change to apply to all of your videos, just select the Yes option.

5. Go to the bottom and save.

That is it.  Each time you create a video and Approve/Publish it, we will upload the video to your YouTube channel.  Note, videos do get queued up in our video server, so there can be a delay of up to several hours depending on the time of day.   If you mark the status of the listing as sold or off market, the video is automatically removed from YouTube.  If you want to manually manage this, then just download the video under the Marketing Center (the Photos & Marketing Tools link under Manage Tours), and you can upload to YouTube manually.

Note either way, you can do some edits of the video, like add call outs, once it is on YouTube.  If you want to show this YouTube video back on your tour, you can do that too….just use the YouTube embed code and paste it into the custom video section on your tour (not applicable to the 1.0 tour).





Updated Facebook App Instructions

5-Minute Quick Start Guide 


Step 1

The very first thing you need to do is to connect to Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, you should create one at here: – make sure you are on the Create a Page section of Facebook…this is the only way to add the FloorPlanOnline app to your account. Your regular personal Facebook page will not work. Remember to add your Business Page to your personal Facebook page’s favorites.

If you do not know how to do this, we offer a Get Social with Facebook and YouTube Service where we will create the Facebook business page, connect your FloorPlanOnline tours into it, and create a YouTube Channel and upload your FloorPlanOnline videos into your new YouTube Channel. Click here to order your Get Social request. All of this for only $199.99!

If you have a Facebook business page, go ahead and login and select your Facebook business page from the top menus (or if you made it a favorite page, it should show on your left). You can just search for it in the search box. Once you find it, click to get to your business page.

Step 2

Once you are on your business page, in the top search box at the top, type in FloorPlanOnline. You may see several choices – You want the one that says Apps above our logo and below our name. It should look like this with FloorPlanOnline Listing App as the name.

Facebook app

Step 3

Change to continue as you, the user.  Then just click the button at the top of the page to add to your business page!  Select the right business page and click Add Page Tab button.

add to page






Then navigate back to your business page and if you want to edit it further, click the arrow circled (it will be down, but when clicked shows up), then mouse over the My Featured Listing icon which is our logo.

page edit

From there, you can swap positions with another app, change the image/photo or name by selecting Edit Settings, or uninstall the app.

edit pag


Step 4

Click on the icon for the Featured Listings.  A login box will appear.  Enter your login name for the FloorPlanOnline account that you want to use for the Featured Listing app.  Once you hit Go, your featured listing page should appear within a few seconds.  No need to enter a password.

biz page

You’re Done!

The Featured Listing Page will look something like this. Click the button to see the Featured Listing Page.

listing page

You can click the property image or the link to see the tour in a new window. You can also see the YouTube video right on your Facebook business page.  If you have YouTube Videos added, they will show as a button.  Click and it will play the video right on this page.  Pretty Cool!


As always, keep your listings up to date with the listing status by editing the status on the Manage Tours page.  Note, if a listing is sold, the YouTube video does get removed from YouTube, therefore, it will not show here either.  You can show sold properties on your Facebook page, however.  If you want those gone from your Featured Listings, you can edit that under Edit Details – there is an option to not show the listing on your featured listing page.