Virtual Showing Success Story of Terry Miller

Virtual Showing Success Story of Terry Miller

Virtual Showing Success Story by Terry Miller of Coldwell Banker Bain. According to the buyer, who bought the property sight-unseen, she felt comfortable making an offer as a direct result of the FloorPlanOnline tour. She got everything she needed online, pulled the trigger and bought the home with an offer 6.2% over the listing price. The agent commission just on the increased listing price was 3X more than the cost of our virtual tour services. Talk about a great return on investment! See the full tour at
Sell Virtually, Get FloorPlanOnline.

Thank You Tammy!

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service, and I just love this letter we got from one of our customers singing praises for Tammy Rutledge, our customer care team manager, as well as the other folks on the care team. We don’t shy away from providing support.  We would love your comments so please put yours on this post, good or bad!

Here are our various support tools.

  • Call:  866-810-3816, option 3 during normal business hours, M-F.  We added a callback feature so if one of our folks is busy on the phone, you can keep your place in line and we will call you back, so you can go about your business without having to listen to hold music.
  • Email/Support Ticket – Click here
  • Knowledge Base – Click here.  Lots of articles and we are adding more videos, so start here as many questions are probably answered already
  • Chat – we have both Betty (named after Kris Cone’s grandma, who had a knack for talking to anyone), our Support Bot on most pages on our main website that can answer some of your frequently asked questions, or we have live chat on our Contact page.

If we are not meeting your expectations we would love to hear from you as well.  Each tour has a satisfaction survey link or you can always send us an email and if you want it to go to me, Kris Cone, just put that in your comments and someone will direct it my way.

Thank you Carol Dorey and Team for taking the time to write this great letter – in the day of electronic communication, this was actually a really special note!

Kris Cone


YouTube Branding Now Optional

We recently launched intro and exit branding slides for the downloadable/YouTube video.  We heard from some of you that you wanted this to be optional.  We have listened, and you now have the ability to uncheck the box for the branding slides.  If you do not want the branding, or if you want to first download the video file without the branding for use elsewhere…and then add the branding, just uncheck the box, save and we will regenerate the video you can download or that gets posted to YouTube.   Each time you check or uncheck the box, we regenerate the video, so you do have some options to create multiple downloadable files.

We hope you enjoy this FREE enhancement!

youtube branding


Love FloorPlanOnline!

I presented at a RE/MAX office this week and met with several FloorPlanOnline customers.  We appreciate your business!  One was Mary Lou Roels,   She mentioned she and her co-listing agent Robert Lotz did a tour and got great results with FloorPlanOnline driving sale activities …here is what she had to say:


Love Floorplanonline- a team mate and I listed a 1.4 million dollar home in Redmond  and wanted the best marketing we could find to showcase this gorgeous 7000+ sq. foot home with a 3000 sq foot indoor pool and hottub. Pictures wouldn’t have captured this exquisite home. The first person that walked through the door bought the house. The second person put a full- priced back up offer on the home.  Both parties used the link to show the home to their family and friends.

My international clients find Floorplanonline perfect for their spatial design mindset- they shop online through the internet for homes, and being able to see a floor plan has made the difference in what they want to see when we go out to view homes.

Mary Lou Roels

RE/MAX Preference