Are your listings selling you?

In these hot real estate times, people often wonder…why do I need a tour?  Just get some photos, put up a sign, and it will sell.

Sure, your listing will likely sell pretty fast.  But will it sell you?

What I mean by this is your listing is a perfect opportunity to not only market the listing, but yourself.  More people are online now more than ever before, and advanced content to sell homes, including floor plans and 3D tours, has proven to increase the ultimate sales price by up to 9% more than the market average, because more and more people can “see it,” either in person, or virtually.  This increases the demand pool, and the number of people bidding on your listing!  Limitations such as available showing time slots also limit physical visit opportunities.  Not to mention over half of buyers are leary of visiting properties due to covid, and what about your seller and their family…they probably do not want a bunch of people walking around their house too.  There is a safer, more hassle free alternative.  It can also help reduce commission pressure if you can sell the listing for more, which effectively pays for the commission. Finally, in many markets, out of town buyers represent a large portion of those looking for a new home, so make it easy to help them see it virtually with the FloorPlanOnline tour. 

After all, according to research, 55% of buyers say they would buy a home sight unseen if it had the right kind of 3D content on the listing. 

But the second part of this equation is marketing yourself.  Buyers and future sellers will see you and your brand/contact info through FloorPlanOnline’s patent-pending Brandkeepr feature that automatically converts the unbranded virtual tour you put into the MLS into a branded one when the virtual tour link or button is clicked on the top sites people visit most, like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin.  We can put your brand on your virtual tour on about 97% of the top 10 websites!  So you get seen by more people in more places, complete with your logo, photo and our lead capture form. For free.

Just uploading photos to the MLS does not leverage the ability to sell and market you and your services on websites that get over 300 million monthly visitors!

Does it work?  Just look how Valerie, a long time client of FloorPlanOnline, parlayed a listing into two more transactions worth $2.5 million in gross commission income.  That’s about $75,000 in commission at 3%! We call this winning the sale.

As I can attest, FloorPlanOnline can help you get more business.  

I received a call from a potential buyer who saw one of my listings online.  While the home sold quickly and she was too late, she was so impressed with my marketing presentation, powered by FloorPlanOnline, she not only hired me to sell her high-end home, but I helped her buy her new one, too. That one listing was responsible for an additional $2.5M in sales.

I would not have gotten the new client by providing just photos.  This buyer specifically called me based on my FloorPlanOnline presentation. That’s why the FloorPlanOnline platform is my go-to team for creating amazing content for my sellers, as well as a tool for new buyers through its HomeDiary integration, which can be a channel of new business too. 

Valerie MacKnight

Broker/Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

The whole point of this testimony is you never know who is going to see your listing and what their goal is with a purchase or a sale.  It could be someone looking to downsize, as in Valerie’s case, or maybe someone is looking at an investment property, and they have a much larger home to eventually sell.  Or, it could even be someone in your sphere of influence that sees your listing, as “casual real estate browsing” is a popular pastime, and these large portals attract a big following of people just looking around.   Check out Zillow’s pretty funny take on this topic below from a Saturday Night Live skit. 

The FloorPlanOnline Tour creates content to provide to your sphere.  10 to 15% of your sphere of influence (your past clients, friends, neighbors) will move in a typical year, so you never know when the time is right for someone to make a change, and call you based on your listing, and virtual tour. So email them with a link to the tour, create a blog post and embed the tour tour on it, and post your tour in one click to Facebook, Twitter and even upload the slideshow video into Instagram.  It is all content, and it can lead people back to you. 

How much would it cost you to get this much exposure on Zillow without a listing?  Probably over $1,000 a month.  So leverage the virtual tour that leaves breadcrumbs back to you with Brandkeepr, an exclusive only available with the FloorPlanOnline virtual tour.  Your opportunity cost far outweighs the incremental cost of a virtual tour.

One last point – we can help you win the listing.  Sellers were once buyers, so if this content resonates with buyers, it will resonate with sellers too.  So at your next listing appointment, use your free demo tour you get when you sign up, complete with an active Matterport 3D experience, or use parts of our customizable listing presentation and show your potential seller how you will market their home using a single property website, complete with a 3D property scan, so anyone can tour the home 24/7 which is safer for them and their family, and much less hassle too, before, during and after the sale the sale, because the tour can be used by the buyer to:

  • measure for paint, carpet or wallpaper removal estimates
  • count doors and door hardware for replacement
  • view layouts of the kitchen or bath for remodeling ideas
  • and much more – what they can do in person, can be done virtually without having to disturb you or your seller

They will also get 2D/3D floor plans so browsers can virtually remodel by changing flooring, wall colors, adding or removing walls or experimenting with landscaping ideas.  They can even drag and drop furniture to see how their favorite rug might fit in a room.  Push a button and they can view it in first person or top view 3D, similar to what you see on those HGTV shows.  And of course, they will get amazing photos of their home which have been proven to sell properties faster and for more money too according to a Redfin study. 

When the sale is done, the buyer gets a copy of the photos and floorplans put into their own private HomeDiary via our Claim Home to HomeDiary integration.  And, the seller can claim the home and get a copy too as a keepsake, compliments of you.  If they bought a new home, they can also use HomeDiary to manage their new pad.  Invite them first and you get free sponsorship!  We are working on updating our whole system, so later in 2021 we will have the ability to create a sponsored HomeDiary for your buyers in a much more streamlined process, so stay tuned!

Check out the webinar on HomeDiary here.