Zillow just released an update to their consumer report they do annually in the first part of September of 2021.  Here is a quick summary as it related to products and services FloorPlanOnline provides.

  • 81% of buyers were more likely to view a listing if it had a floor plan they liked
  • 56% stated they wasted their time with a floor plan layout of the home they did not like
  • 74% think dynamic floor plans (interactive plans like what we offer where you click to see the photo of the space) helps buyers screen homes.
  • 68% think 3D tours help them get a better feel for the space.
  • 61% wish more listings had 3D tours
  • 38% even said they prefer 3D tours over in-person visits and
  • up to 59% would buy sight unseen.  This closely matches what 1000Watt found with the Millennial buyer at 64% willing to buy sight unseen.

With covid, providing as much content as possible online really is in the best interests for your sellers as it is less hassle but more importantly, it is the safest way to show a home, and it can increase the demand pool, and therefore the price (by up to 9% more than market average according to Matterport). Matterport has done their own research – 88% of sellers want to work with agents that offer 3D tours, and 82% would switch agents.

Zillow in past research also found that 84% of buyers think having floor plans as part of an online listing is more important than photos and a video, by almost a 2 to 1 margin. This is why Zillow is pushing their 3D Home app as it attracts more and more users to their site.  Redfin understands this as well.  So, if you want to compete, you really need a 3D Walkthrough Tour, and you need to make sure it is on your website!
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