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Easily add embedded content on your website or blog

Easily add embedded content on your website or blog

We hope you enjoyed listening to Jimmy Mackin and TheGeekyGirls 5000 Offer webinar!

If you’ve never tried FloorPlanOnline we have a special for you to help market your listings.

For a self service single property website with floorplan redraw.
(You provide listing photos and a photo of the floorplan, a sketch of the floorplan, or draw the floorplan online and we create the site)
-SEO focused Single Property Website with WordPress Embedable interactive floorplan = very sticky content.
-YouTube Video created with real video clips
-PDF Flyers, Craigslist poster and Social tools
-Today’s buyers want to see unique content including the FloorPlan &  FloorPlanOnline Delivers.
Sign Up Here and enter this coupon code:
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FloorPlanOnline is approved by the Geeky girls

FloorPlanOnline is Approved by TheGeekyGirls.

Coupon will get you $15 off your first FloorPlanOnline single property website and is valid till oct 31 2013

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They wrote 5000 offers in 12 months – Learn what tips and tools TheGeekyGirls use

They wrote 5000 offers in 12 months – Learn what tips and tools TheGeekyGirls use


FloorPlanOnline is approved by the Geeky girls

FloorPlanOnline is Approved by TheGeekyGirls.

FloorPlanOnline clients Lisa Archer and Laurie Davis wrote 5000 offers in the last twelve months!

Known as TheGeekyGirls, they are are top producing agents, run a team of 28 and have implemented systems and tools that make their job easy.

Learn 10 tools and tips beyond FloorPlanOnline that they find valuable by joining a FREE webinar this Wednesday at 12 Noon EST. (9am Pacific)


New Customer Discount from the #5000Offer webinar.

Improve SEO with Your Voice

Improve SEO with Your Voice

FloorPlanOnline has been producing free YouTube videos for all your FPO tours for quite some time now. You might be thinking to yourself that YouTube is of little value since there aren’t many people going to YouTube to look for their next home.  Think again. The real value of having a video of your listing on YouTube is it has tremendous Search Engine Optimization benefits.

FloorPlanOnline YouTube videos get your property (with the branded tour link back to your listing) listed typically on page 1 of search engine returns when you type in the address.  And unlike being on Trulia or Zillow, the viewers are directed directly back to you and your tour where you can engage directly in lead capture, not to some page where there might be 3 other agents waiting to take your lead.

If you pay Zillow to enhance your account, you still benefit…but if you do not, there is no way you can get the lead.

Plus, the tour will show up with the YouTube video icon (like at left), and video we know is one thing that attracts users to click.  So you have a higher chance of people clicking on your YouTube video listing and ultimately getting back to you, vs a large real estate portal site.

Adding the new voice over tool (just launched this year) to FloorPlanOnline Videos, further adds to the seo power.  Google now listens to the voice overs, traslates and indexes the content!

So, if you want the potential to capture the lead yourself and your listing noticed, just add YouTube to your profile.   We will automatically upload the video to either your YouTube channel, or ours.  If you do not have a YouTube Channel, you can create one, or we have a Get Social service where we create the YouTube Channel and Facebook business page for you, can connect all of your tours into your accounts.  Yes, we also have a Facebook app where your featured listings show in your Facebook business page.

All of this is free, so give it a try.

Turbo-ized Virtual Tour

radar testing floorplanonline tours

Photo credit: Robin Buckson / The Detroit News

“Faster” didn’t cut it. Neither did “new and improved”.

Recent improvements to our code and system have resulted in your tours loading 25-50% faster! Over Thanksgiving we were down for scheduled system maintenance. (We hope you were not inconvenienced).

Faster tours translate to greater effectiveness.

The new high speed floor plan virtual tour will further set your listings apart and ahead. We’ve done the work for you – check out your faster FloorPlanOnline tours to see for yourself, or check out the featured virtual tour of the week.

FloorPlanOnline – Simple, Effective and Affordable.

Have you used the fast and cool Embedded FloorPlanOnline Tour? Test drive one below. The Embedded Virtual Tour is FREE with every FPO Virtual Tour and can be placed in your blog.
Log in, and click Marketing materials then “Embedded Tour Beta”.

Expanded Service! 60% More Zipcodes!

FloorPlanOnline is excited to announce expanded FloorPlan Creation service in many major metropolitan markets across the United States.

New FPO service in tampa houston Sac and San DiegoTampa, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Houston,  Albuquerque,  & San Diego homes, and many more places in between, can now be measured and floor plans created by our authorized FloorPlanOnline service providers.  More than 20,000 new zip codes nationwide are included in our new  “on site” FloorPlan service provider coverage area.

This means we will come to you and draw your floor plan. This material will be used to create a virtual tour complete with branded and unbranded tour links that can be posted to the MLS,, your website, Facebook, Twitter and now, even YouTube!

If you take your own photos (or use your own photographer) and would like to use them in conjunction with our floor plan service, you can order the Partial Service-FloorPlan Creation option.  Our production team will integrate your pictures into the floor plan to create an Interactive FloorPlan Tour!

The FloorPlan rendering will show interior walls and room dimensions, as well as door & window locations.   When the Virtual Tour is complete, home buyers can click the kitchen, and see the kitchen.   The photos are embedded in the floor plan.

Plus, each Partial Service order includes our popular RoomPlanner feature, where prospective buyers can drag and drop furniture, beds, rugs and more onto the floor plan to experiment with room placement.  Its a virtual staging tool, included at no additional cost as part of the premium Interactive FloorPlan Virtual Tour.

Coverage Map. The map below shows our total service area.  We can always create a tour on a self service basis from any location around the world, but if you want us to visit the property, we’ve got you covered in the U.S.!  The Red areas are Full Service Photo and FloorPlan coverage.  The Green areas are Partial Service – FloorPlan Creation.  Just add your photos to make an Interactive FloorPlan.  And remember, you get the RoomPlanner included at no additional cost with every Interactive FloorPlan Tour, regardless of the service level!

Red-Full Service Photo & FloorPlan coverage | Green-Partial Service – FloorPlan Creation

You can also use our price calculator to see if Full or Partial Service is available for your listing, and get an estimate on the price.

Click Here for the Price Calculator

Or call us at 866-81-3816 option 2 for sales or option 3 for customer care, or use the form below to email us for more information. To see samples of our tours, please visit today!
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Stars Shine with FloorPlanOnline

This week was FloorplanOnline’s First Star Power Event, my first time at a Star Power Conference and my first time in Nashville TN. What a cool (Read HOT) town!
Thanks to Nashville expert and National TV personality Brian Copeland (@nashvillebrian) I had the hot tips on where to eat via Twitter. The best was Mad Donnas. I give it 4.5 stars – the same number of stars you could see at any given moment at the Star Power Convention.
A “Star” is selected and crowned each month. The August 2010 Star is FloorPlanOnline customer Sue Adler (@sueadler) I believe there are around 200 current stars, with most of them at the event. Typically Stars are the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. They sell tons of listings, give tons of referrals and in my experience are very approachable, humble and willing to share information with their competition. How cool is that? Also willing to share and help people was former real estate agent and the events Headliner Dave Ramsey Dave’s talk was inspirational, helpful and entertaining.
The Event, classes and hallway conversations included talk about Marketing, technology and how to grow business in today’s social online market. There were cool people to chat with around every corner. Ive long admired Chris Smith (@techsavvyagent) who walked up to our booth and was so impressed with FPO 2.0 he recorded an interview with me on the spot!
Below, check out my brief review of the event that includes photos and video.
The video was created on my iphone using the cool ReelDirector app.