Is a FloorPlan worth a thousand pictures?

Is a FloorPlan worth a thousand pictures?

There was an interesting article published by RETechnology about the importance of floor plans for listings. See the article here.  In this article, they reference a Rightmove study out of the UK that indicated 20% of browsers would not even look at a property that did not have a floor plan, and the users ranked floor plans as more important than the listing photos and property info!  Wow.  Now, floor plans have been more prevalent in Europe, but the National Association of Realtors also does their own study each year of buyers and sellers, and guess what, floor plans were in the top 3 in terms of very helpful info, right behind photos and detailed property info.  See the NAR Study here.

As a FloorPlanOnline customer, you probably know this great info and present it as part of your listing presentation.  If not, take this as an opportunity to differentiate at the listing appointment to Wow your seller with how you will market their home.  After all, a seller was once a buyer, so what you present as to how you will attract buyers to the listing will just solidify your expertise regarding the right marketing strategy for the listing.  The seller will see the difference and likely select you!

Our tour platform is the most robust out there, hands down. First we are the only tour company in the US that owns their own 2D/3D floor plan tool.  This has great strategic importance for us, not only for tours, but for our HomeDiary platform as well. Our tours are also secure, which means you can not only embed the whole tour into a blog post or a website, like you see below, it helps us automatically convert the unbranded tour pulled from the MLS data feed to the branded tour on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin and even your company website and your personal one. Just configure your Brandkeepr settings under the profile.

Try this embedded tour – all content works, including on any mobile device.  Just start clicking!

Suggested action item for you.  Each time you have a listing, write a blog post describing the home, what is special about it or the location, and embed the tour into the page.  Then leverage social media channels to post the blog post link and get people coming to your site.  This is great content for Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and more.


New Real Estate Virtual Tour Option

New Real Estate Virtual Tour Option

Introducing the new Tour Viewer.  While we love our Story format, the Tour viewer can come in handy for many use cases and it is great for those that like one fixed view for their content. It can also be used to embed the tour on your website or blog with our embed code.  You can easily select the Tour viewer when you place an order, or if you want it as the default viewer for all of your tours, change it in your profile.  Once you select the Tour Viewer, you can select what kind of content you want to show when it loads, including the Dashboard view that also has customizable content modules.  Just scroll down to the Tour media selection and pick what kind of content you want to show as your real estate virtual tour loads.

The great thing with the Dashboard view is you can mix and match what content you want to show in this view and arrange it in any of the three content sections.  So if you wanted the floor plan or Matterport to show in the larger section, just select it.

And you can have both the Tour and the Story active.  Our URLs now support a default view (what you select as the tour frame when you first create a tour), but also separate Story and Tour links. We also support SSL so the tour can be embedded in secure sites and the referring page can be tracked, which is important for reporting and it also enables our patent pending Brandkeepr functionality. See the same listing in the two different views:

You can see the words story or tour in the URL as the differentiator.  So if you want the Story to be your default view that gets linked to the MLS, Zillow,, etc, use that at the main tour link and/or set the default to Story, but in the embed code you can still use the tour link option and embed a tour module into your page, which would be better than the Story.  Pretty cool!  The only difference between branded and unbranded tour is a /b or /u at the end as well.

We will be updating our embeddable content module down the road to add even more flexibility, but until then this option is pretty flexible out of the box.

New order form & options – Long Island

New order form & options – Long Island

New Order & Service Options

Introducing a new way to place orders for all of the great content created by our new local market manager, Jim Harrison of Image Habitat, and the rest of the FPO Team.  New service options include Premium HDR photography, a 360 Walkthrough Tour (powered by Matterport), aerials and custom video options. 

Amazing new service options:

  • Premium HDR photography – multiple exposure images with clear window views

  • 360 Walkthrough Tour, which includes the floor plan tools you know, but also includes an immersive 360/3D experience, powered by Matterport.  See a sample here and hold open houses 24/7 to reduce showing hassles for you and your seller.
  • FAA licensed drone photos & video
  • Virtual staging
  • Twilight photography
  • Zillow Walkthrough or custom slideshow or hybrid videos, with automated video embedding on the Zillow listing page
  • Next Day Rush

All presented in the amazing FloorPlanOnline Tour platform


We automatically convert the unbranded tour pulled in from the MLS to branded on sites like Zillow, Trulia &  With FPO YOU show on 95% of the top 10 sites!

Story & Tour

Multiple Tour viewing options – 4 Story themes and now a new Tour Viewer

Claim Home

Both the Buyer and Seller can claim the home and get a copy of the photos and floor plans as a tool or keepsake

Free Advertising on Zillow & other sites

With our patent-pending Brandkeepr functionality, we keep your branding on your virtual tour on the most popular real estate sites.  NO other tour company is automatically converting the unbranded tour pulled from the MLS to branded on 95% of the top 10 search sites! 

Embedded Video on Zillow & Trulia

Every FloorPlan oriented tour or custom video we do gets a free branded video embed on the Zillow and Trulia listing page.  No other tour company can embed an automated video like we can where over 200 million people each month view properties for sale!

This means the first thing a viewer clicks on will pop the video, complete with branding (if selected to show).  Leverage this free advertising opportunity to get more buyers, and sellers, coming to you.  You do not have to be a Premier agent to take advantage of this awesome feature, but you do need a FloorPlanOnline virtual tour.  Just putting photos into the MLS does not showcase you and the great content you create for your listings.   

"I have used FloorPlanOnline for close to 10 years now, and they keep getting better. The new Story format showcases the amazing photos, aerials and floor plan content they create and helps make my client’s home, and me, look professional."

-Rick Franz Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

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