CDPE Partnership

FloorPlanOnline is proud to be sponsoring this years Momentum 2011 Conference. This will be THE place to get actionable techniques you can start using as soon as you get home.

And until 5:00PM Eastern on 05/27/11 you can use the $100 credit negotiated to have put in your account toward this powerful Momentum Conference 2011.

This is our way of saying THANK YOU for your continued support.

If you only attend one conference this year, make this the one.

Here is where you can get the inside scoop:
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To use your $100 credit simply use promo code MMOAF at checkout.

Get a FAST MOVER BONUS when you hurry to be one of the first 110 people to take advantage of this. Get an exclusive complimentary 30 minute 1-on-1 Q&A session with a Bank of America negotiator. Your negotiator session could wrap up with you having a deal being moved toward the finish line.

This will be THE real estate event of the year. We look forward to seeing you there and would love to see you at our booth. Don’t forget to use promo code MMOAF at checkout when registering. Reserve your seat today!

SargesList Launches

Live near a military base?

For Realtors, military members are in high demand because they move often and the home buyer tax credit has been extended to April 30, 2011 for military personnel. On average, one-third of those who live off-base are homeowners. If your market is within 60 miles around a military base, you can now advertise your active listings free of charge to this highly desirable audience through a new military classifieds site ( FloorPlanOnline has partnered with, which has been heralded as the “Craigslist for Military.” While it is similar to craigslist, it has more functionality and helps military identify who is in their network for a more trusted interaction.

Reaching moving military BEFORE they move can be challenging. Since move season is just heating up and word is getting out about SargesList, make sure you get your listings posted soon (and automatically enter to win an iPad this month). Registration and basic listings are free but there are upgraded features you can purchase. If you are interested in being an exclusive advertiser for your military area, contact for more information. With over 500 installations around the world, check and see if the installation near your market is available.

Visit today!

Move buys ListHub

Move Inc. to offer listings syndication through its website via ListHub operator Move Inc. finalized a deal Monday to acquire Threewide Corp., operator of national listing syndication platform ListHub. The acquisition comes on the heels of an amended agreement between Move and the National Association of Realtors concerning the operation of the Internet’s most popular real estate portal,

In addition to giving Move more leeway to redesign the real estate site, the amendment also gave Move permission to syndicate listings data to third parties such as online portals, real estate listing sites and other “designated destinations,” if instructed to do so by the multiple listing service or broker supplying the listings.

“By acquiring Threewide and elevating the ListHub brand to a primary product offering at Move, we’ll combine Move’s core competencies of listing aggregation, relationship management and the delivery of effective marketing services with ListHub’s leadership in national syndication and market intelligence,” said Steve Berkowitz, Move’s CEO, in a press release.

You can read more on the release by clicking here.

YouTube & Video Innovation!

The innovative Premium Virtual Tour company FloorPlanOnline has done it again.

FloorPlanOnline continues to offer additional features and functions to its tours and single property websites…without charge. Real Estate Agents may now check a simple box and an automated process creates and posts a YouTube video of the listing online into the FloorPlanOnline YouTube Channel or….your own (or company’s) channel! It’s very simple to use – just use our normal video editing tools and save your changes. Best of all, this enhanced tour distribution service is FREE. The video will be available for download under Marketing Materials generally within 1-2 hours after saving your changes (time varies based on the number of videos in the processing queue).  In addition, we also create a video file that can be used to upload into your Showcase listing.  For now, this is something you must do as has no automated process for tour companies to handle this job for you.

More adventurous Realtors may opt to select different music, type in captions for each photo and edit photos to create a more personalized YouTube video. In order to take advantage of the new YouTube & tool – FPO customers should log in and edit their linking profile by checking the box to include the linking to the FloorPlanOnline YouTube channel.  Then just make sure it is selected on the order as you place create a new tour.

This new tool works on all new tours created as of Monday, Aug 30th 2010.
Click here to view an example video on YouTube or just play the sample below:

As with most enhancements and improvements to FPO tours, there is no additional fee for this feature.  Other companies charge up to $20 or more, just to put a video on YouTube. On top of that, they charge up to $49 or more for the same virtual tour we price at $29.  As long as your tour is active, including tours that have been renewed, you can create a video file and have the video uploaded to YouTube.  Please read our FAQ below for more details on how to create a video file.  Additionally, word from the FloorPlanOnline development department is that further options and YouTube related tools are being tested and tweaked for launch before the end of the year.

Why should you link the tour to YouTube, or  More online exposure.  Most people are not going to YouTube to search for properties.  In fact, according to the most recent NAR statistics, less than 1% of buyers in the survey sited YouTube as a source for online content. was one of the highest websites, however.  However, putting the video on YouTube can help with search engine optimization…so your tour gets found, and you get it sold!

To learn more, just click on one of the FAQs below to read more details (click again to hide the detail).

[imasters-wp-faq cat=”13″]

That’s FloorPlanOnline – Simple, Effective and Affordable.

Stars Shine with FloorPlanOnline

This week was FloorplanOnline’s First Star Power Event, my first time at a Star Power Conference and my first time in Nashville TN. What a cool (Read HOT) town!
Thanks to Nashville expert and National TV personality Brian Copeland (@nashvillebrian) I had the hot tips on where to eat via Twitter. The best was Mad Donnas. I give it 4.5 stars – the same number of stars you could see at any given moment at the Star Power Convention.
A “Star” is selected and crowned each month. The August 2010 Star is FloorPlanOnline customer Sue Adler (@sueadler) I believe there are around 200 current stars, with most of them at the event. Typically Stars are the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. They sell tons of listings, give tons of referrals and in my experience are very approachable, humble and willing to share information with their competition. How cool is that? Also willing to share and help people was former real estate agent and the events Headliner Dave Ramsey Dave’s talk was inspirational, helpful and entertaining.
The Event, classes and hallway conversations included talk about Marketing, technology and how to grow business in today’s social online market. There were cool people to chat with around every corner. Ive long admired Chris Smith (@techsavvyagent) who walked up to our booth and was so impressed with FPO 2.0 he recorded an interview with me on the spot!
Below, check out my brief review of the event that includes photos and video.
The video was created on my iphone using the cool ReelDirector app.