Embed a Matterport Tour

Embed a Matterport Tour

We have long had a way to add a custom video to your tour, such as a YouTube or Vimeo video.  Well, this same tool can be used to embed a Matterport 3D home scan into your tour.  Just copy and paste the embed code provided by Matterport into the Custom Video section on Edit Details.  We are working on some enhanced ways to embed content, including being able to change icons and multiple embeddable content options…so look for that soon.  In the meantime, see this example tour.

Click for Sample Matterport Tour Embed

or here is the embedded version, where you can embed your whole tour on a webpage or blog post, just like this, and easily provide all that great content on your own website!  Just click Video to see the Matterport Tour.

Note, we drew the floor plan from the top view of the home scan.  So, you can provide us the embed code and we can create the floorplan just from the scan.  As a Subscriber, that is just $30, or if you create a self service tour, it is just $69 to clean up a plan, up to 10,000 sq ft!  The photos were taken from screen shots of the tour as well, so that is why the quality is less and you can see the dots of the scan placement.

While at this time we do not officially provide the matter port Scan service, this at least allows you to embed it into the overall virtual tour and still use our platform for the print marketing (customizable brochures with the clean floor plan), tour distribution, YouTube Videos and even lead capture on the tours.   Plus you are in complete control of when and where the virtual tour shows and what people can see, since your system has supported virtual tour functionality for the last 10 years!


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Full Screen HD Tour Updates

Full Screen HD Tour Updates

We have made some great updates to the Full Screen HD Tour. Updates include:

  • Speed improvements. Tours loads within seconds
  • TRUE 1920×1080 p images.  Other tour providers show smaller images which look fuzz on HD screens
  • Zoom On/Off. You can turn photo zoom off to see the whole image.
  • Works on iPad.  We use the same viewer on the iPad. It looks great!

View the video to see a quick overview

To set-up a tour using the Full Screen Tour, just go to Manage Tours, then Edit Details for the listing, and select the Full Screen Tour at the top of the page.  You can also set it as the default tour by going to Edit Profile and selecting the Full Screen Tour option.


YouTube Can Drive Website Traffic

Here is a great new article from RealtorMag about a study conducted by the WAV Group and Victor Lund that talks about how the portal sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are not driving traffic back to broker’s websites….and that YouTube is one of the top referring sites, thanks to Google.  See the full post from the WAV Group here.  He further states there should be a driving force to get virtual tours on every listing.

Google was also a top referrer, and that has important implications for virtual tours on YouTube because “Google displays YouTube results in the search results above the fold,” Lund writes. “That means that the video gets great SEO — usually better than the broker’s listing detail page. This is the driving force behind the strategy of publishing virtual tours on every company listing.”

Luckily, as a FloorPlanOnline customer, we generate a free YouTube video for each listing, and we can post it either to our YouTube channel or yours.  Just set it up under your Linking Profile.  The video is all automatic, based on your settings under the Edit Photo/Video tab.  You can even add text or video clips.  Some of the other guys charge you $20, and it is a manual process.  Plus, we are working on a cool new video update this fall…so stay tuned for that update.  A preview of what it might look like is in this post.

call2action brandedThis study highlights the importance of a new tool we have been working on for the last month, called our Call2Action Photo.  The goal of the Call2Action Photo is to get more users to the virtual tour, where lead capture and engagement can happen.  The photo is a composite image of the floor plan, a video screen shot and several other images, with the virtual tour link prominently displayed and text that says Get Exclusive Content.  So now, leverage the traffic on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Craigslist or other websites  and create an incentive for people to get the exclusive content, like floor plans, on the virtual tour!

When you think about it, the virtual tour is the ONLY piece of content that can live on all of these websites (as well as your competitor sites) and drive traffic back to the listing.  If your tour features floor plans, the #2 requested item from buyers, and if you do not upload the floor plans as images with other photos (we think this is very important not to do), then the only place people will be able to see the floorplans is via the tour. This creates an opportunity for the potential buyer to find your tour, and you!

Plus, we are also the only company that automatically converts your unbranded tour pulled in from the MLS to a branded one on sites like Zillow with our exclusive Brandkeepr technology.  So when you combine:

  • The Virtual Tour distributed throughout the top websites, like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Craigslist and YouTube
  • Our Brandkeepr technology that converts unbranded to branded tours
  • Our Lead Capture tools that can engage a user after 4 clicks around the floor plan
  • And now our Call2Action photo

You get More Traffic, More Leads and More Results

But wait…it gets better!  Introducing a new option for corporate accounts where we can actually rebrand our virtual tour link with your domain name. So, Zillow can actually drive traffic to the tour which is now considered your website!  This means more visitors, more visits and more time on site, thanks to Zillow’s traffic!   This custom tour rebranding can be easily done with a sub domain, like tours.kw.com/xxxxxx, or with a little work on the IT side, like kw.com/tours/xxxxxx  where xxxxxx is our virtual tour ID.  This feature is exclusive to corporate account customers.  Please use the contact from below to discuss adding this feature to your account/sub accounts.

The bottom line, you need to provide something different than the same photos and text a user will find on Zillow, Realtor.com or your company website.  The FloorPlanOnline virtual tour does that, with the clickable floor plans, the RoomPlanner tool, flyer and other marketing tools we provide exclusive to the listing.  Buyers want to see floor plans….the virtual tour is the bait that will let you set the hook!  Plus, we can embed it on your website and further keep the user engaged.

Full Screen Tour

Introducing the new Full Screen Tour viewer!  We recently released this real estate marketing update that showcases your tours in stunning HD content.  The new viewer features huge photos – they fill the browser window on any computer and look amazing, even on the big Apple Cinema Display that is 2560 pixels wide!  Plus all of the other content like the FloorPlan, RoomPlanner, Map fill the screen too.  The video rests over the background image of the tour and plays within a window, but you can also pop that to full screen.  Note, if you want a different background image for the video, just select a different photo as the first photo in the Photo view of the tour.

If you are tired of those virtual tours that only occupy a small part of your screen, this tour viewer is for you!  We feature the content in a viewer window that is up to 75% larger than the other guys!

Works on iPad too!  If you select the Full Screen Tour for your default viewer, we also use this on the iPad.  As with other tours, everything works, except the RoomPlanner tool, which is still in Flash (note, we are working on some enhancements for that tool this fall).  All other tours will continue to use the tabbed tour on the iPad.

If you would like to see a sample, just click here.

Full Screen Photos

Full Screen Photos

If you want to change your tours to full screen, just create a new tour, select the Full Screen Tour option as you go through the steps, or if you want to change an existing tour, just login, go to Manage Tours and select the Edit Details link for the listing.  Note. You may need to do this for each tour as you place it for now.  We hope you enjoy this free tour enhancement!


New Elegant 2 Page Flyer Template!

We recently launched a new 2 page flyer template that has one large photo on the front and then the floorplans and more photos and text on the back (or if it is a photo tour it had more photos on the left hand side). Just select the template when you go to Edit Flyer, as shown below. Mouse over the color area and click to open the color palette that allows you to pick a color…or even enter a custom color code, so you can match it exactly to your branding.

You can show or hide various things like Price, the QR code or even the tour link. The flyer can also be uploaded or imported into xpressdocs right from your account, or you should be able to upload it to any other printing company to get professionally printed flyers.

To get started just login to your account and go to Manage Tours, then Edit Tour/Edit Flyer. Download a Sample Flyer

New flyer

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